What Digital Agencies Should Look for in Infrastructure Providers

At Leaseweb, we understand the daily challenges AdTech companies experience while attempting to manage large and complex campaigns without the appropriate technologies and support. It is abundantly clear that infrastructure complications are an equal opportunity nuisance, but when infrastructure solutions fail for AdTech companies, it frequently results in extended outages with lost revenues and shaken customer confidence – none of which are acceptable.

Maximizing Infrastructure Investment

It is vital that digital agencies balance infrastructure investment with performance in order to deliver campaigns that achieve and exceed client expectations. However, that can be more easily said than accomplished, particularly when significant budget constraints exist. This is why it’s important to work with a company that’s willing to consult with you and your team – helping achieve the best possible value and performance for your solution. Otherwise, the downside of technology that isn’t properly sized and optimized for specific industry needs can be disastrous – often resulting in lost revenue, client dissatisfaction, stressed-out IT teams, and more.

Cost control is a challenge for many agencies who rely on the cloud. The single biggest question marketers and advertisers should be asking themselves when looking at their hosting strategy is: “How can I save money on my infrastructure without a reduction in performance?” – and that is where a collaborative infrastructure provider can make all the difference.

Picking the Right Infrastructure Host

The key to saving money without sacrificing performance on infrastructure is picking a consultative infrastructure host. The right partner will help you choose the solution design approach that suits both your technical requirements and budget. For example, that might mean hybridizing by focusing on moving predictable workloads and high bandwidth utilization systems to bare metal dedicated servers – while leaving the workloads that require the tools and rapid scalability public or private cloud solutions provide.

An approach like this will make your monthly infrastructure expenditures far more predictable, while allowing you to take advantage of the tools available on various cloud platforms. While this is just one example, the right host can help you decipher whether a multi-cloud, hybrid, or a bare metal approach will give you the most optimal value to cost for your specific use case.

A host with the experience and technical know-how to accomplish established goals will be a trusted advisor and technology partner, not just an infrastructure hosting company. A reputable, reliable, and versatile technology advisor can:

  • Customize the solution to your company’s specific needs
  • Provide direct connections to other preferred infrastructure partners for hybridized or multi-cloud requirements
  • Facilitate future system growth, while deploying or scaling within a timeframe consistent with expansion needs
  • Understand the competitive nature of your industry and have the experience to deliver a practical design that capitalizes on available technologies and meets budget constraints

These combined factors will help solve the challenges that confront many digital agencies when building out IT infrastructure that is optimized for both performance requirements and budget. A practical infrastructure design translates into a competitive advantage, as well as an increase in ROI.

Leaseweb’s Hosting Solutions

Leaseweb understands that growing your business and delivering the best possible online marketing and advertising web services is the key to exceeding customer expectations. The professionals at Leaseweb can design and manage a scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure that delivers exceptional performance and extremely low latency. The benefits are:

1. High-Speed Performance

A Leaseweb solution is designed to handle millions of clicks per day and yield an enhanced overall user experience. Additionally, our global network of data centers are equipped with customizable performance-based servers that provide the flexibility to get your data where it needs to go – resulting in reduced latency and costs – not to mention improved client satisfaction.

2. Scalability

Leaseweb’s solutions are designed to support your business growth. As your business expands, we grow with you – all while remaining cost efficient. Our team will carefully match the right infrastructure components with the best solution design for your business requirements while allowing room for ease of future expansion.

3. Personal Consultation

You have a lot to do, and we realize your time is best spent focusing on your business – not maintaining and operating infrastructure components. This is why we suggest that you let us concentrate on managing your hardware solution, while you work on delivering the best possible experience to your customers. Leaseweb is ready to help design, build, and manage your platform – while supporting you throughout the entire process. We’ll provide you with the peace of mind to sleep at night, and the time to focus on growing your company during the business day.

4. The Right Support Tools

You need a solution that will keep your data secure. Leaseweb’s solutions include extensive software and hardware-based security, around the clock physical security, and 24 x 7 x 365 support services. Additionally, all of our global data centers adhere to the latest security policies and audit guidelines, while maintaining compliance with laws like GDPR and CCPA.


By choosing the right solution provider for your hosting and infrastructure requirements, digital agencies can bypass a lot of challenges. With a trusted advisor who can provide a personal touch and exceedingly good support – digital agencies can far exceed their campaign and customer goals.

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