Why Choose Leaseweb VMware?

Whether you’re taking your first steps into virtualization, expanding your local infrastructure into the cloud, hybridizing your bare metal infrastructure, or adopting a multi-cloud strategy for workload diversification and cost optimization, Leaseweb’s VMware solutions are the best choice for your business. Here’s why:

  1. VMware: It is the gold standard for virtual deployments. It’s ubiquitous, feature-rich, highly adaptable, scalable, and well suited for nearly any workload or application.
  2. Full Control: From your virtual networking devices to the spinning up and down of virtual machines, you have complete control of your cloud platform. Carve out a resource pool, define your network, deploy a few VMs, create your backup and retention policies, and execute your plan.
  3. Scalability: Seamless vertical and horizontal scaling of your virtual machines – in conjunction with virtual load balancers – allows for limitless scalability. Moreover, you can easily expand the resources allocated to your cloud’s resource pool in the Leaseweb Customer Portal.
  4. Performance: Leaseweb’s world-class global network, highly redundant and secure facilities, powerful servers, and SAN infrastructure provides the perfect high-performance platform for all your time-sensitive data and processing requirements.
  5. Experience: Founded in 1997 by two airline pilots, Leaseweb was “in the clouds” and working with virtualization systems before the inception of cloud computing. Over two decades of infrastructure hosting experience, top-notch support, and 80,000+ happy clients demonstrate Leaseweb’s staying power and commitment to developing and supporting mission-critical services.
  6. Cost Optimization: The volatile costs associated with massive-scale Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) can be a drain on both human and financial resources. Having to constantly be aware of your instancing, available resources, and bandwidth transfer while trying not to be nickeled and dimed to death is tedious and time-consuming. Leaseweb’s cost-effective and predictable resource allocations help reduce costs and remove stress, giving you the peace of mind to rest easy knowing your next invoice won’t be an unwelcome surprise.

Leaseweb VMware Use Cases

It’s your first foray into virtualization.

Perhaps you are starting to outgrow your traditional dedicated server and you’ve been considering moving to a virtualization platform. You’ve heard a lot about options like VMware, OpenStack, Azure, AWS, and the like, but haven’t firmly plotted a path forward yet. The reasons to choose Leaseweb VMware are many – not only do we manage the hypervisor and hardware for you, but you will retain all the flexibility and scalability you need. This is coupled with the peace of mind that comes from using the industry’s most popular cloud platform, which is easy to integrate with other local or remote VMware deployments.

You want to extend your local infrastructure to the cloud.

Let’s say you have your business systems currently based out of your offices, but you’ve found that purchasing and maintaining your own infrastructure isn’t the most optimal path forward. Because of this, you are considering moving away from your current Capex model and have decided to test an Opex approach instead. As a result, you will build out your latest application in the cloud. With Leaseweb’s fast network coupled with VMware’s ease of use and integration, you can easily set up your cloud resource pool, define your network and controls, deploy your application, and begin testing your deployment that same day. More importantly, as your application’s resource needs grow – or should you decide to move more of your local infrastructure to an Opex model – it’s quick and painless to expand your vCloud’s resources on the fly.

You need resources for burstable workloads.

Your traditional bare metal servers are operating perfectly and are providing the stability and predictability you desire — but what about your burstable workloads? The simple answer is hybridization. Leaseweb’s vCloud Director solutions are easy to leverage when hybridizing infrastructure. Let your dedicated servers handle static workloads while Leaseweb’s highly scalable and customizable VMware platform provides the day-to-day elasticity you require. What’s more, if your bare metal infrastructure already resides on Leaseweb’s network, we have a full complement of tools to help you to fully leverage your infrastructure and resources. Our next-generation 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Private Network products can help seamlessly bridge your cloud and bare metal environments, while your Leaseweb Customer Portal and our powerful APIs allow you and your developers to interact with your environments and devices manually or programmatically.

You want to optimize costs by moving to a multi-cloud deployment.

As an AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud user, you’re probably keenly aware of the “gotchas” involved with massive-scale clouds. Between finances being incrementally bled dry for things like bandwidth and requests – while also paying premiums for compute resources – it’s easy to see why many companies are taking a multi-cloud approach for new projects and expansion activities. The name of the game has become using the proper tool for the job while balancing your critical workloads across multiple clouds to achieve the best performance-to-cost ratio. An approach like this will allow you to continue using a handful of EC2 and RDS instances in conjunction with CloudFront and Lambda while moving your storage, compute, and bandwidth-intensive applications to your vCloud Director deployment at Leaseweb.

Another feature that makes Leaseweb’s vCloud deployments the perfect complement for a move to multi-cloud is Leaseweb Cloud Connect. With Cloud Connect, we leverage our partnership with MegaPort to provide direct connections to AWS and other CSPs. Not only will this improve your performance, but it will also help mitigate excessive bandwidth transfer fees over the public Internet.

The Bottom Line

Leaseweb provides high-powered, highly scalable, VMware vCloud Director deployments to suit any need. Whether you’re new to virtualization, extending your existing footprint into the cloud, hybridizing your existing dedicated server infrastructure, or interconnecting multiple clouds as part of a multi-cloud approach, Leaseweb provides the tools, performance, and pricing you need to expertly execute your cloud strategy.

To view all of our VMware solutions, visit our website or contact Devon at d.rutherford@us.leaseweb.com to learn more.