The Four Most Popular Leaseweb Solutions Explained

At Leaseweb, we offer reliable cloud and hosting services varying from simple solutions (such as web hosting, virtual servers, and dedicated servers) to more advanced hybrid cloud services.

But what all do we offer, and how do you know the right solution for your business? We’ve broken down four of our most popular products and solutions to help you choose the right solution, every time.

An Overview of Our Four Main Solutions

Are you looking for an easy way to host a simple website accessible via your own domain name (i.e., Then, take a look at Leaseweb domain and web hosting.

Do you need more control or additional software? Upgrade to a Leaseweb Virtual Private Server (VPS) to install your own software. With a Leaseweb VPS, you can install control panel software, which means you get a similar web hosting experience as with standard Leaseweb web hosting.

In need of more powerful compute or networking options than a standard VPS? Check out Leaseweb Elastic Compute, where you can create your virtual servers (or virtual machines) according to your own sizing needs and use built-in networking features (such as firewalling, load-balancing, VPN, Leaseweb Private Network, and more).

For enterprise customers that are typically more familiar with VMware and Microsoft software, Leaseweb also offers VMware-powered cloud products and services, such as Leaseweb VMware vCloud, a multi-tenant VMware Cloud.

If your software application demands more from infrastructure than the above virtual servers can offer, you can rely on bare metal compute power via dedicated servers. You can get the most out of compute infrastructure with control over your physical server hardware. This has options to configure higher compute performance (CPU/RAM/GPU), enable more network speed (10Gbps), benefit from NVMe SSD, and more.

A dedicated server is installed with your choice of Operating System, such as Linux, Windows Server, or VMware ESXi. The standard dedicated server is by default installed in a shared rack. Alternatively, your dedicated servers can be installed in a private rack for more customization options in the power and network setup.

Via the Leaseweb Private Network, you can combine a dedicated server with your virtual servers with Elastic Compute or VMware vCloud.

More About Leaseweb Cloud Products

Next to the popular Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers, Leaseweb offers ready-to-use cloud products where we build, license, and operate the cloud platform. You, as a customer, simply login to the relevant web portal (or API) and create and manage your virtual machines.

Different Leaseweb Cloud Products to Choose From

Virtual resources for your virtual machines on Leaseweb’s multi-tenant cloud platform

Do you need more powerful compute or networking options than the standard VPS? Consider Leaseweb Elastic Compute for creating your virtual servers (or virtual machines) according to your unique sizing needs and to use built-in networking features such as firewalling, load-balancing, VPN, Leaseweb Private Network, and more.

This platform is powered by Linux hypervisor technology and open-source orchestration software (Apache Cloudstack). It’s a good match for software developers who want to host their software on a ready-to-use platform with an excellent price-performance ratio based on either a reserved pack of virtual resources (pay per reservation), on-demand resources (pay per use), or a combination of both.

An option similar to Leaseweb Elastic Compute but geared more towards VMware and Microsoft-software oriented organizations is Leaseweb VMware vCloud, our ready-to-use multi-tenant cloud product. This has a reserved pack of virtual resources (vCPU, GB vRAM, GB vDisk) to allocate to virtual machines. The creation and management of the virtual machines is performed via the self-service web portal or API (VMware Cloud Director).

For an in-depth look at everything LeasewebVMware vCloud has to offer, take a look at our blog Leaseweb VMware vCloud vs. VMware vSphere: Which Is Right for Your Business?

In addition to our multi-tenant VMware vCloud, we also offer the single-tenant VMware Private Cloud.

Dedicated single-tenant private cloud platform

Leaseweb VMware vSphere, a single-tenant VMware Private Cloud platform, is used by some of Leaseweb’s largest customers.

Why? It offers dedicated single-tenant hypervisor resources in combination with actual used cloud storage resources. In addition, more customization options can be provided compared to the multi-tenant VMware Cloud platform offerings.

For an in-depth look at the customization options and on everything Leaseweb VMware vSphere has to offer, take a look at our blog Leaseweb VMware vCloud vs. VMware vSphere: Which Is Right for Your Business?

For more information on the above Leaseweb products or for more personalized advice, please contact us or reach out to your Leaseweb (pre)sales rep.