Developing business by building trust

Leaseweb Authorized Reseller 180pxWhen doing business, you want to be able to trust your partners. In modern days, this means that every partner in the supply chain needs to implement a unified compliance approach to ensure the entire chain is certified. This can be a time and energy-consuming task however, which is not part of a company’s core business. For not only do you need to re-evaluate and adjust your processes to gain the certifications, the necessary audits can be costly as well.

It is good to know that there is an easy way out: look for an infrastructure partner that can provide you with compliance, including all necessary legal requirements, and incorporate third party controls and processes seamlessly into your own governance framework. See quickly and clearly all your security measures and be 100% sure that the necessary tools, control and processes are in place to cancel out continuity risks. Without affecting the operational efficiency of your business.

Last year, Leaseweb realized a restructuring of the entire compliance portfolio. We created one integrated IT assurance and compliance approach together with three independent audit firms, which we call the Leaseweb Trust Model. It has a modular approach: the building blocks mean we can respond to customer requests for new certification requirements very quickly because all the pieces are already in place. This means customers can get to market faster.
The framework is worldwide, so our partners can depend on an identical set of products and services with the same certifications around the world, whether they work with us in Europe, Asia or the USA.

It makes excellent business sense to join forces with a fully certified and compliant hosting partner in more than one way. With the building blocks of the Leaseweb Trust Model, it will not only be easier to keep existing customers, but also to scale towards a new customer type that requires these certifications for additional services. By having independently audited reports, you can quickly and easily confirm that your hosting provider meets any necessary compliance requirements for security and protection of sensitive data like customer details – without the need to provide for costly audits yourself. This will show that you care for the security and integrity of your customer’s most valuable assets and that you are even able to protect your customers’ customers. And this builds trust, the most powerful fundament of business.

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