The Leaseweb Startups Program: giving new businesses a flying start

StartUps_02_ConsultationNot so long ago – relatively speaking – Leaseweb was a startup company. We were three guys crammed into a tiny office with not much more equipment than a phone, a couple of personal computers and a fax machine. Twenty or so years on, just look at us: a $100 million dollar company employing over 370 talented people on three continents. So when we set up a special Startups Program, believe us, we know what new businesses need to succeed.

Why we’ve launched the Leaseweb Startups Program
We recognized that we are in a pretty unique position. On the one hand, we obviously have an understanding of infrastructure that’s second to none. And, on the other, we have this strong connection with startups. We understand the issues that are most important to them – uptime, scalability, profitability, and so on – which means that we are perfectly placed to partner with them and help nurture their growth.

The Leaseweb Startups Program is a way of giving added value to fledgling companies by combining our outstanding infrastructure offer with mentoring from experts. After all, our people have amazing experience of working with tech businesses of all sizes – big and small, domestic and international – so can give valuable insights to startups not only on what they should do today but also how they should plan for the future.

How the program works
We offer startups up to €25,000 of credit which can be used to fund the use of any of our internet infrastructure products during their first year. It’s a way of giving them access to the leading edge technology they need while easing what’s probably the startup’s biggest barrier – cash flow.

We’ll also give them all the technical help they need. That includes 1:1 assistance from a Leaseweb specialist to set up the architecture that’s right for a particular business and 24/7 “gold level” support once they’re up and running. This combination of access to infrastructure and to expert advice helps startups with development and testing before launching new applications. A designated specialist will also help evaluate progress and ensure that the startup has a strong infrastructure foundation on which to grow smoothly.

In addition, we offer mentoring on technical, business, sales and marketing issues and feature participating companies in our own marketing materials to give them further exposure.

The ideal partner for startups
We know that one of the key characteristics of startups is that growth can be unpredictable but also that, once it happens, it can be explosive. The ability to react to customer demand is crucial. In fact, nothing could be more deadly to a new business than disappointing new customers by failing to deliver on promises because the infrastructure cannot cope with an unexpected surge. Leaseweb’s huge stock of hardware is always ready to provide the capacity needed. Not only that, but it’s available instantly thanks to our extensive automation which means servers can be provisioned from an easy to use Customer Portal and be up and running in seconds.

Apply now
Find out more about the Leaseweb Startups Program at Businesses meeting the basic eligibility criteria can apply online from there too.

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