IPv4 Efficiency

With IPv4 Exhaustion catching up, Leaseweb’s network and innovation experts have been busy for the past few years thinking of new ways to support our customers and become smarter with our IPv4 usage. This is of course done hand in hand with preparing, educating and promoting the use of IPv6 on our network.

If you consider the fact that the depletion of the IPv4 allocation pool has been a concern since the 80’s – not only for Leaseweb but the entire world (wide web) population – you’d probably assume that everyone has been teaming up and consistently saving IP’s as a common practice, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some of the requests for more IP’s at Leaseweb are affected by a clear confusion about which services really require a dedicated IP and a lack of knowledge in good workarounds. For this reason, Grzegorz Janoszka, our Network Design Engineer, wrote a great blog a little while back about breaking the 10 Myths about the use of IPv4 addresses. Worth a read.

Meanwhile, to get smarter about the way we allocate IP’s, Leaseweb follows the strict RIPE/ARIN guidelines when considering the incoming IP requests that involve more than the required basic number of IP’s. We now have dedicated network engineers that get in touch with our customers and learn about their IP requirements. They work together with customers to answer all their needs in an efficient way that does not necessarily require more dedicated IP’s.

As of the 4th of June, Leaseweb will also increase the price for new IPv4 addresses. Existing IPv4 addresses (i.e. those already in use) remain priced at the original rate.

It’s important to know that as the countdown to complete IPv4 exhaustion continues, Leaseweb has invested a lot of resources in preparing our systems and customer controlled panels to support IPv6. This enables you to easily adjust your infrastructure to the new IP era.

We offer IPv6 completely free of charge and would be happy to assign them to your platform with us, just email us at support@leaseweb.com.

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