Leaseweb helps the monkeys as part of our corporate social responsibility program!

Help stichting AAP

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is really important to everyone at Leaseweb, and is something which is reflected on a number of levels throughout our work. We constantly address our practices to ensure that they are kept sustainable, and for this reason we utilize green datacenters. Besides this, Leaseweb is connecting more clients to their cloud products daily, which results in improved resource utilization, which in turn is good for our sustainability. Another aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility which we’re keen to promote is the charity work that we have recently begun to do with an animal sanctuary: Stichting AAP (the AAP Foundation).

Based in the Netherlands, the AAP foundation is a rescue center which specializes in housing primates and exotic mammals including monkeys. Sadly, these monkeys have often come from a life of abuse and neglect in illegal zoos or the entertainment industry, so at AAP they receive the care needed to facilitate not only physical but also mental recovery.

You may wonder what a hosting provider like Leaseweb can do to help a charity like this. Well, oddly enough, the answer lies in cell phones. We send the foundation all the old cell phones belonging to Leaseweb’s employees, and they can then sell these phones to the recycling company. It’s such a simple initiative, yet is a fantastic way to help the foundation raise money. And we are more than happy for our old phones to be taken off our hands!

So this is where we would like to ask for your help, too. If the Leaseweb employees are anything to go by, we’re sure you’ll have tons of old cell phones lying around your house – forgotten and unused. All we’d like to ask you to do is to fish out these phones and bring them in to Leaseweb in Haarlem. Alternatively, you can send them to us at Leaseweb, P.O. Box 93054, 1090 BB Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

On behalf of Foundation AAP and – more importantly – on behalf of the monkeys, we’d like to thank you in advance for your help! You can find out a bit more about how your support directly facilitates the recovery and outplacement of the animals here. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

Of course, this is only the start of our work with the AAP Foundation. We’re already discussing other ways in which we can help out, and can’t wait to further our support of this worthwhile cause. Keep checking back for updates on our work, and new ways in which you can help us to help them! And don’t forget, we always welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Leave us a comment below, get in touch here, or Tweet us at @Leaseweb.

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