Carving out my supply chain career path

I wrote this blog post to share my development story so far, which has involved working in two very different but equally enjoyable roles. What’s been great for me is that I’ve ended up in a position which I never envisioned when I joined, and Leaseweb has really supported my change in direction. I now work in a role which is more suited to my interests and am on the right path for my supply chain career.

Starting with Compliance

I was working in the Supply Chain industry for around 10 years and after finishing my Master’s in Supply Chain Management in 2016, I wanted to try something new. I heard from a good friend that the Compliance Department at Leaseweb was looking for an additional team member. I was not too sure about the specific position but wanted to find out more, so I applied and came in for an interview. When I came in, I was amazed by the office and it seemed like a great place to work with nice perks.

The manager explained the Compliance Officer role in detail, and I was intrigued by the idea of combating cybercrime and infringement on the internet, and after meeting the rest of the team I got a good feeling about the company. Within a couple of weeks, I found out I was hired! I was delighted because as an international student, I need a working permit. Leaseweb arranged all necessary document with the Immigration service.

Working at Leaseweb

I started working at Leaseweb in October 2016, and within the first few months I had learned so much and felt very settled. Coming from Indonesia, I was used to hierarchy but at Leaseweb it feels like everybody is equal. I really like some of the initiatives like employee of the quarter, end of month drinks, summer parties and BBQs that are hosted at Leaseweb HQ. And then the end of year party is always great as we get to dress up and our building is transformed into anything according to the theme. Last year’s theme was the Captain’s Gala, and I was dressed as a traveling lady from the 1900s 🙂.

Changing my direction

After one and a half years working in Compliance, I missed working in the Supply Chain world. I found out that Leaseweb was implementing SAP as the new ERP system and they were looking for a Business Process Owner in the Supply Chain stream. I was interested in finding out more but felt unsure about whether I would be a good fit for the position. After speaking with HR and my manager at the time, I was given the confidence to apply officially. I got some great feedback during the interview process as they said they liked my personality, and even know I didn’t have much knowledge on SAP, they believed I would be successful in this role.

I started as a Business Process Owner Trainee in July 2018, and Leaseweb also enrolled me in the Management Development Program. This program means that I am expected to reach an attainable milestone each semester, and within 2 years I’ll be promoted to Business Process Owner. This is a very challenging opportunity for me as I am pulled out of my comfort zone it feels like a steep learning curve – but I am really thankful to have been given this opportunity. It’s great to be back to the Supply Chain world as a Process Owner where I am dealing with procurement and logistics, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds at this company.

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