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SaaS ConferenceThis year Leaseweb USA will again be a sponsor at SaaStr in San Francisco on February 6-8.  It will be one of the biggest SaaS conferences in the world, with three days of amazing content and high-quality networking.  The event is expected to attract over 10,000 SaaS founders, VCs, and executives; all gathered around the theme “Learn & Scale Together.”

Leaseweb has been hosting Internet companies for over 20 years. We have worked with organizations of all sizes including many young companies that have grown exponentially over the years using our hosting platforms.  Furthermore, we have a solid understanding of what companies need to know when choosing a cloud solution for SaaS.

Not all SaaS companies are the same, but what they do share is a need to maximize their cost-to-performance ratio, something that can be a major factor in your choice of a cloud provider. Here are a few tips for selecting the best SaaS hosting partner:

  • Know what you need. Write down your requirements before you start selecting your provider. Hyperscalers can be expensive; they can also present the perfect solution in some situations. Remaining realistic about your needs will save you money in the long run.
  • Think about a hybrid cloud model. If your company experiences peaks in traffic on a daily or monthly basis, you might benefit from a hybrid cloud model, hosting some of the workloads on hourly-billed services and the base load on a longer contract that lowers monthly fees.
  • Don’t forget about legacy software. Chances are good that you have some legacy software to host, too. Make sure your provider can connect your cloud services with your legacy software to avoid having data stored twice.
  • Consider colocation. If you’ve already spent a significant amount on equipment to run your application and haven’t yet written it off completely, choosing a hosting provider that can host your machines and connect them to the cloud will allow you to utilize the benefits of the cloud without losing the investment in your equipment.

Visit us at conference booth 54, we would love to talk more with you about key considerations in choosing cloud solutions. As you explore different cloud providers, it is important to consider each platform’s performance, reliability, and scalability before you make a final decision. The best cloud platforms are fully redundant, provide state-of-the-art equipment, are built to scale, and are backed by a team that understands the unique needs of different businesses and verticals.

SaaS companies offer unique services, so it is only natural that they have unique requirements for their hosting partners.  This year SaaS solutions are expected to be the most highly deployed cloud service globally.  With a bit of research and advice from experts, you can find a cloud solution with the ideal combination of performance, uptime, scalability, and cost for your company’s individual needs. If you are interested in talking more about these topics, please check us out at SaaStr. Alternatively, check out our website to find the right hosting solution for your business.

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