Meet Us at the World’s Biggest Game Industry Event!

GDCLeaseweb is excited to be returning to the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2018) with an even bigger presence than we had last year. We’re rolling out a 30×10 booth and bringing along our partners from Crytek to help tell the story of how they’re using Leaseweb’s platform to get as close as possible to their users.

Overall, the gaming market continues to surge. For consoles, PCs and even mobile devices, it is a golden age in gaming.

When game developers approach us, they primarily ask for three things: power, rapid scaling, and flexibility. Over the long run, it takes all three to build a stable and cost-effective platform.

Power is easy: like plenty of other cloud providers, Leaseweb offers bare metal servers that can be as lightning fast as clients want them to be. However, our true value lies with clients who know exactly what they want to achieve, but are looking to collaborate with us to scope out the best way to accomplish those objectives.

For example, maybe instead of four dedicated servers, these clients would be better off with pieces of 100 different machines distributed more broadly and closer to the end users. Alternatively, clients could be on a development timeline that predicts a user base will double in size once an expansion is launched. These clients should start working on scaling that capacity now, so their system will be ready to go live immediately. This way, we help our clients avoid the dreaded outages that have affected so many successful multiplayer games the last few years.

Leaseweb offers flexibility beyond the traditional cloud providers that match their services in lockstep. If clients need more compute power, these other providers will automatically buff the memory, storage and bandwidth along with it—even if clients are well below caps in those areas. We, on the other hand, are happy to design more custom solutions that better meet the specific needs of any game.

We’re very excited about what Crytek is doing. They will be deploying in three Leaseweb locations, covering both coasts along with the Midwest (out of Chicago). This initiative may support their new multiplayer bounty hunting game, Hunt: Showdown. This game, currently in alpha, features the incredible graphics that Crytek is known for, along with some very innovative gameplay.  Visit our booth at GDC and try out Hunt: Showdown for yourself!

Leaseweb will be in the South Hall at GDC 2018, from March 21-23. Come check us out at Booth 1601. We would love to hear more about what you are planning for your own games, and how Leaseweb can help you get those ideas off the ground.


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