Helping combat child abuse: Hotline Meldpunt Kinderporno joins the Leaseweb Community Outreach Program

mkpLeaseweb set up the Community Outreach program in 2010, aiming to bring together non-profit organizations who combat online abuse of all shapes and sizes. Whenever a new organization joins our Community Outreach program, we’ll introduce them to inform people about what they do – and why they do it.

The latest party joining our program is Meldpunt Kinderporno (MKP), the Dutch foundation against (online) child sexual abuse. Leaseweb and MKP have already been working together as partners for a long time, so it is only natural that we now welcome them within our program.

Part of the organization INHOPE – the international network of hotlines in the world – MKP handles all reports of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) within the Netherlands. MKP will verify / analyze the content and process the reports. If they find any form of child sexual abuse, they will report them to the respective ISPs.

As a company policy, Leaseweb also does not allow the hosting of child erotica on its servers. Therefore, MKP also reports child erotica to Leaseweb whenever they find it.

About MKP
MKP has been online since 1995 and is part of the Expertise Bureau Online Child abuse (EOKM – Expertise Bureau Kinder Misbruik). EOKM works closely with the police and is also affiliated with INHOPE.

Reports to the foundation
Reports can be filed using the online form on their website. All reports are treated as confidential and can be reported anonymously if you so wish. You can report suspicious content, even if you are not sure it is illegal. MKP will evaluate it and decide whether it is prohibited by Dutch law or not.

MKP can only process reports about publicly available content. If you discover content that is not publicly available (e.g. when it’s only stored on someone’s personal computer) then please contact the police. If you want to know what happens to your report, you can provide your e-mail address and you will receive an answers and updates concerning your report.

International scope
If reported child sexual abuse material is not actually hosted in the Netherlands, a report is sent via the INHOPE network to the Hotline of country in which the content is hosted. This Hotline then reports the content to the hosting provider. All CSAM is processed through the INHOPE database, which is connected to INTERPOL.
If a country is not associated with INHOPE, the content is reported to the Dutch police, whom will take further action.

Sponsoring MKP
Leaseweb provides free servers and domain hosting to make sure MKP’s website and its content is available to everyone now and in the future.

More information
For more information, please visit: Currently, all information is available in Dutch, though this will change in the future.

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