Articles by Lesley Koomen (Abuse Prevention)

Fighting online abuse together

Leaseweb, as a hosting provider, operates in a dynamic industry. It is thus imperative to keep on top of changes in the technologies we and our customers use and the different legal jurisdictions we operate in. This especially comes in to play when we discuss the topic of ‘Abuse Prevention’. Leaseweb’s Abuse Prevention department faces […]

Helping combat child abuse: Hotline Meldpunt Kinderporno joins the Leaseweb Community Outreach Program

Leaseweb set up the Community Outreach program in 2010, aiming to bring together non-profit organizations who combat online abuse of all shapes and sizes. Whenever a new organization joins our Community Outreach program, we’ll introduce them to inform people about what they do – and why they do it. The latest party joining our program […]