Fighting online abuse together

secureLeaseweb, as a hosting provider, operates in a dynamic industry. It is thus imperative to keep on top of changes in the technologies we and our customers use and the different legal jurisdictions we operate in. This especially comes in to play when we discuss the topic of ‘Abuse Prevention’. Leaseweb’s Abuse Prevention department faces ever-evolving abuse-related threats and challenges that need to be overcome and, of course, we can’t do this alone. To be effective, we need to develop mutually beneficial relationships with those who have the same goals and vision.
Finding allies in the fight against online abuse sounds like a simple, yet effective plan. However, forging long lasting relationships and trust takes time, energy and especially commitment from both parties.

Community Outreach Program
The Community Outreach Program was founded in 2010 with an initial focus on gathering more data in order be able to reduce abuse within the Leaseweb network better. While on the lookout for feeds and other information sources to extract data from, it became more and more apparent that there were quite a few projects that truly contribute to a safer internet with the work they deliver.

community outreachAt the same time, we also realized that many of these projects are privately funded and in need of sponsorship, on which they are dependent due to their non-profit nature. For us, the decision to support them was simple as 1+1=2. So we now provide sponsorship to organizations like these – and others that provide open information that is beneficial to the overall online community including commercial bodies – through our Community Outreach Program.
When we set up the Community Outreach Program, our first members (such, specialists in identifying and researching online abuse) joined quickly due to us actively approaching them. They found that becoming a member of the Community Outreach program involves more than us just providing one or two free servers: we like to stay in touch with our members and, where possible, meet-up! In fact we have met most of our members in person – and even see some on a regular basis.

SAFE Partners
Besides forging relationships with other parties through sponsorship agreements, we also started to search for organizations that are not necessarily in need of sponsorship, but are looking to establish trusting relationships with parties such as ISPs like ourselves. These organizations benefit from short lines of contact and become so-called ‘trusted parties’ for Leaseweb which allows them to quickly address issues within our network.
From this need, our SAFE partner program came to life. SAFE stands for Specialists, Analysts, Forensics and Experts, who together form the core of building a safer internet.

The battle against abuse
Due to the ever changing digital landscape, the need for dedicated organizations focused on battling (technical) internet abuse increases on a daily basis. These companies emerge on either a non-profit or a commercial basis but, one way or another, they contribute to a safer internet. Leaseweb Abuse Prevention is glad to be part of this revolution by integrating these organizations into our partner programs which allows us to support those closest to the battle lines the best way possible.

Learn more
Interested in learning more about our Community Outreach Program members or our partners? Through this blog, we introduce newly joined members and, on our special section devoted to these programs, you can learn and read more about them all.

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