TechSummit Berlin: Interesting speakers, awesome venue – get your ticket now!

TS_CoreViz_RGB_300Preparations are in full swing for the newest, freshest event on the tech calendar: TechSummit Berlin 2016. It’s a must-see happening for programmers, developers or anyone in DevOps, SysAdmin or IT management as top speakers from leading tech and retail companies share tips and secrets on designing systems for scalability.

Learn from expert speakers
All the invited speakers have years of hands-on experience developing powerful tech solutions in the real world. Taking the summit’s theme “Designing for Scalability” as a starting point, here are just some of the talks to look forward to:

Alex SchoofAlex Schoof, Principal Engineer at Fugue will talk about Managing secrets at scale. How do you distribute and manage things like database API keys, database passwords or private keys? Often it’s left to a last minute decision but it can be very costly if you get it wrong. Alex will look at the core operations and properties that make up a good secret management system, and how these principals can be implemented.
Matthias RampkeMatthias Rampke, Engineer at SoundCloud takes Load balancing at SoundCloud: A practical history as his topic. He explains: “We will take a closer look at IPVS for Layer 4 connection load balancing, HAProxy for Layer 7 HTTP loadbalancing, plus ECMP and our service discovery mechanism. For each, we will see which use cases they excel in, when and how they break down, and what to watch out for”.
Jorge Salamero SanzJorge Salamero Sanz, Chief Developer Evangelist at ServerDensity will describe the innovative way his company makes sure engineers are always ready to respond to incidents. His presentation, entitled War Games – flight training for DevOps, will introduce you to their system of “internal war games” which simulate emergencies to give engineers practice in the processes involved in incident handling.
Adam SurakAdam Surak, DevOps Engineer at Algolia wants you to Own Your Reliability. He asks: Who do you trust? What do you control? What are your dependencies? “Reliability in the Internet is an adrenaline adventure but we all want a good night sleep and working service. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reliability nightmares and how they could be dealt with.”
Joshua HoffmanJoshua Hoffman, Manager Product Engineering at Leaseweb will introduce The seven deadly sins of web scale. Although it’s easier than ever to create new apps using rapid development tools and frameworks, it’s still a big challenge to make them work at web scale. Joshua Hoffman will use real examples to show how it can be done.


Tickets available now
The event takes place at the magnificent Kulturbrauerei in Berlin on 13 April 2016 from 09:00 to 18:30 (lunch will be provided). It’s not only an opportunity to hear from knowledgeable speakers but provides a great chance to network with like-minded professionals. Order tickets or keep up to date with additional speakers as they are added at

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