Leaseweb’s Partner Network is growing

New Leaseweb Partner Innitel offers efficient and innovative telecom solutions

innitel logoThe Leaseweb Partner network is continually expanding. We have introduced three different channels in which we focus on strengthening our business partners: one for authorized resellers who distribute our product range in many geographical locations, the second for specialized partners who offer their solutions on top of ours, and the third are referral partners who recommend their customers to use Leaseweb as their infrastructure provider.

In April, we signed Innitel as a partner. Innitel offers smart and efficient telecom solutions for a wide array of verticals in business. They now combine the Leaseweb infrastructure with their products and offer it as one solution to customers.

Elie Rubin, CEO of Innitel, stresses that with Leaseweb’s infrastructure, his company is able to be innovative in many ways: “Call centers today can still benefit from innovative approaches that make business operations more efficient, effective, and scalable. We simply need the best quality networks and reliable servers in order to offer a stable and ongoing service to our thousands of clients.”

Latency, jitter and packet loss are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Innitel constantly measures in order to ensure expected performance levels. The quality of VoIP technology and the quality expected by Innitel rely on everything between the end users phone and the destination he is calling to. Innitel’s CTO Dan Leubitz: “There is a lot of infrastructure that must perform optimally in an environment rather hostile to real-time communications.” Innitel attempts to maintain less than 200ms round trip. If this threshold is breached, delayed voice and sound quality issues are the result. Leaseweb has been able to stay below this level of ms to all of Innitel’s switches and media gateways located in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Jitter is caused by congestion of a network and can occur on the client side, gateway side and even terminators gateway. It causes packets to arrive at various times. Leubitz: “When in a call, the client’s ‘How are you’ may arrive before the ‘hello’ and then buffering must occur to wait for the ‘hello’, thus causing delays in the audio stream. If the 35ms threshold is breached, we can expect such issues to arrive. Leaseweb’s infrastructure removes the variable of this congestion occurring on our backend and enables us to focus on the customer’s endpoint.” Packet loss is also one of the demons Innitel is facing: “Imagine that the ‘hello’ never arrives, or worse, the ‘o’ never shows up. This threshold can’t exceed 1%.”

Some issues of sound quality Innitel faces, can be attributed to hardware including server congestion caused by high CPU usage. Once optimal levels are passed, audio translation and processing fail to perform to Innitel’s expectations. Leubitz: “Innitel expects our callcenters to grow with us. Therefore, we use dedicated servers with a minimal of 8 GB ram and quad core Dell or HP servers.” This hardware can maintain a callcenter of 30-40 agents with Innitels Predictive Dialer and CRM platform and can handle 300-500 simultaneous calls. For Innitels standard Hosted PBX business phone system, the same specs can maintain over 50 callcenter agents. “Leaseweb’s hardware and quality teams allows us to rapidly deploy these servers residing on their quality connections and secure datacenter.”

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