Leaseweb launches the next generation of CDN

Due to the exponential increase of traffic in current web industries―for example, video on demand, live video, and online gaming―today’s Internet user requires an advanced technology to deliver this content as fast as possible, in the most reliable way. That’s where a Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes into play.

Content delivery networks use a system of globally distributed servers to stream web content to the end-user from the closest geographical server. Basically, when a request is made, the content is pulled from its original location, stored on a cache server, and then served to the end-user from the nearest location. Using the right mix of hard- and software, such as SSDs and Nginx, a CDN can deliver a seamless end-user experience. This is the reason why CDNs have become a key technology in the race to advance the Internet; did you know that over 80% of the top 100 largest companies in the world now serve your data through a CDN?

After 2 years of hard work by our dedicated team of CDN engineers, I am pleased to announce the beta launch of the Leaseweb CDN. This next generation CDN has been built using the latest web technologies. For example, its hybrid design utilizes both traditional hard disks (static archiving) and SSD flash memory (caching) to drastically reduce latency―essential for those interested in global Internet connectivity.

So what did we do during those two years? Well, after the initial research and development, the last year we have been beta testing with various companies, including a big player in the web browser industry and large video companies, to iron out all the idiosyncrasies and make sure the infrastructure is future-proof. So while this is a beta launch, the CDN is actually fully operational, pushing up to 400 Gbps and offering a fully array of features. We will continue to work with our customers during this beta launch period to add more features, officially launching it in Q4 this year.

Of course, one of the advantages for our CDN team is that we have access to the global Leaseweb network. Its high bandwidth capacity makes it the perfect platform on which to build a CDN, which is extremely suitable for online gaming, video streaming, and the delivery of large files / software applications. However, we feel our CDN is especially beneficial for businesses that require high volumes of traffic with high capacity connections in order to transform user experiences and drive customer loyalty.

In the ever increasing world of digitalization, companies are always looking for their next key driver for success. Are you curious to see what the Leaseweb CDN can do for you? Just contact us, and we’ll tell you all about it.

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