Leaseweb Express Cloud: one small change and four days of discount

The new Leaseweb Express Cloud platform has been live for almost a month now and we’re quite happy with how it performs. The platform is gaining more and more popularity at a steady pace, and we keep expanding capacity to accommodate all our enthusiastic customers. So far the results have exceeded our expectations, so if you’re a Leaseweb Express Cloud customer: thanks!

We want to offer the best possible service and performance, which is why we’re making a small adjustment. As of today, we have removed the option to order Plesk control panels on the S (smallest) Cloud instances. While Plesk is a great product to help you manage your instance, it requires quite a bit of capacity to run smoothly. The M and larger instances are much better suited to run this kind of control panel, and we will continue to offer Plesk on those types of instances.

If you haven’t tried our Express Cloud yet, now is the time. Since the start of the new Express Cloud platform, we have been offering an introductory discount. This discount lasts until you cancel the instance, making it a fantastic deal. The offer will expire on Monday 16 April at midnight (CET) – so if you would like to take advantage of it you’d better hurry. I promise you will like the Leaseweb Cloud, especially since we will be releasing new, interesting features in the near future!

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