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Over the last few months, our regular blog-readers can’t have missed the growth that Leaseweb has recently been going through on all levels. We’ve been working hard to further advance our delivery platforms, while at the same time adjusting our internal systems and processes to accommodate our new German and American offices. And we’re not done yet.

A classic challenge in IT and its development is to innovate, without compromising the high quality of existing systems. We’re always looking to build-out our systems, give flawless support to our customers, and work on exciting new products. So far, we’ve been able to manage quite well using this combination. But when we think about the future, we can see speed bumps lying ahead if we stick to our current model. The question we needed to address was:  “How can we combine the agility and speed of a startup, with the support and service levels of a large organization?”

The answer was simple for us: We’ll maintain this flexible way of working by creating a new department called ‘Research & Product Development’. We’re teaming up the right engineers, developers, testers and designers to focus on the primary product sets from our portfolio. Each major product will have its own startup-team(s) whose objective is to make these products the best technical solutions in the field.

Part of the plan is to become more visible to the outside world; in terms of what we’re working on, but also trying to get more input from the customer regarding their needs. In the coming weeks we’ll launch the first step in this process. The ‘Leaseweb Labs’ website will enable our startup-teams to share updates, link to open source projects that are being worked on and share their knowledge. It’s going to really dig into the technical side of things, showing you inside-info from our R&D department.

We’re all very excited to make this change, and look forward to your opinions, ideas and feedback. So here’s a question for our readers, you can leave your answers in the comments: What would you like to see on the new Leaseweb Labs website?

  1. Peter
    May 26, 2011 at 23:32

    I would love to see a section where we could find manuals to set up Directadmin, an forum where users can communicate with eacht other or a knowledge bank for software on our machines, like howto, tips tricks and so on.

  2. Robert van der Meulen (IT Manager)
    Robert van der Meulen (IT Manager) • Post Author •
    May 30, 2011 at 9:03

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your suggestion! We’re thinking about a section for sharing things like documentation and howto documents – but it’s in a premature stage right now. We’ll keep you posted via the blog!


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