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7 Strategic Considerations for ISV Cloud Strategy


As more and more organizations become familiar with the cloud, they are moving towards buying software as a services (SaaS) based on actual usage. In fact, it is predicted that SaaS will become the dominant software consumption model by 2018. According to Gartner, as this occurs the steep decline in maintenance fees will translate into a total revenue loss of up to 40% for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). This means that ISV’s priorities are shifting, leading to changes in their current operating models.

Having been in the software industry for many years, I have seen first-hand what it means to transform from a traditional license and maintenance fee model to a subscription based SaaS. Through numerous discussions with ISVs with regard to transforming their business, what I’ve found is that while there is no single right approach, there a few common themes that always arise. What follow are 7 strategic considerations to keep in mind.

1. Should I build my own cloud?

Building your own cloud means that you have to invest substantially in infrastructure and in developing new capabilities. If your business has the scale to build a cloud in a cost-efficient way, including access to the technology, budgets, and the skilled resources to maintain the infrastructure, it can definitely be an opportunity. However, if you lack the scale of a larger enterprise, building a cloud solution probably won’t provide a competitive advantage, so it’s worth outsourcing to a partner who can meet your current needs and scale with you as you grow.  Read the rest of this entry »

Six Tips for Picking the Perfect Cloud Partner

LSW0264_00_WhPaperVisualBy now, the concept of the cloud is ubiquitous, but for many business leaders the idea still presents more challenges than opportunities. Understanding the complicated technology, not to mention the vast array of delivery models, degrees of services and levels of security available, can be a daunting task for companies under pressure to adapt or adopt.

In a new white paper, “Developing a Cloud Sourcing Strategy: Six Steps to Select the Right Cloud Partner,” LeaseWeb gives decision makers the tools they need to formulate an effective cloud strategy or to identify the right cloud partner to executive it. In summary form, these six tips will help you find the cloud partner for your business.

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Scrum and the LeaseWeb Cloud team: 3 lessons learned

Scrum-cloud2 250The LeaseWeb Cloud development team has used Scrum as a software development methodology since 2011. During these two and a half years, we produced a lot of good results. But of course, there were also some bumps on the road. We had to deal with various challenges, adapting our processes along the way. As product owner of the Cloud development team, I would like to share some of the things we have learned over the years.

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ISO management for Virtual Servers and LeaseWeb Cloud

Today we added a new feature to our Virtual Servers and LeaseWeb Cloud, which can be a real lifesaver at times – ISO management.

Typos, misconfiguration, or other mishaps can all lead to a non-usable or non-functional system. ISO management enables you to attach an ISO to your instance from which you can boot. It’s the equivalent of inserting and then booting from a CD or DVD containing a bootable OS. This is particularly useful when your instance cannot be booted normally or is otherwise inaccessible.

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Scaling the Cloud: how we upgraded all of our customers’ instances

One of the advantages of cloud computing is the flexibility and redundancy it offers. If your cloud provider is running a fully redundant platform (in my opinion it can’t be done right  any other way), most maintenance tasks can be performed without any impact for customers.

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New Console feature for LeaseWeb Cloud and Virtual Servers

I am happy to announce the addition of the new Console feature for LeaseWeb’s Cloud and Virtual Server products. This new feature allows you to control your instances as if you were physically connected to the server. It is available for all Cloud and Virtual Servers instances ordered after 19 March 2012 (instances ordered before that date were delivered on a different platform).

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Using the LeaseWeb Cloud to scale your applications

Earlier this week, LeaseWeb USA launched our latest Cloud platform, resulting in a unified portfolio all across LeaseWeb’s locations. You can now set up Cloud services in three countries.

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Introducing the new Cloud products: Virtual Servers and Cloud

Today is another exciting day – we have just released additional Cloud platforms in Germany and the Netherlands and we restructured our Cloud portfolio!

The most important addition to our product lineup is the new LeaseWeb Cloud product, which combines cloud instances with a private virtual network. This enables you to create more advanced infrastructures while maintaining close control over data traffic consumption and access to your infrastructure.

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LeaseWeb Cloud: now available in Germany!

It has been another busy month for the teams working on LeaseWeb Cloud. After toasting to the go-live of the U.S Cloud platform, we didn’t take a break. Instead we prepared for another expansion. I’m proud to announce that all the hard work has resulted in a new Cloud PoP for LeaseWeb Germany in their state-of-the-art Frankfurt-based data center!

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Small preview of a new LeaseWeb Cloud feature

We keep adding new features to the LeaseWeb Cloud, evolving it into one of the strongest Cloud platforms on the market. A new update will be released soon, so be sure to watch this space for news about all the developments!

In the meantime, here’s a small preview of a new feature that we will be adding for free to all recent LeaseWeb Express Cloud instances:

Cloud Preview