ISO management for Virtual Private Servers and Leaseweb Cloud

Today we added a new feature to our Virtual Private Servers and Leaseweb Cloud, which can be a real lifesaver at times – ISO management.

Typos, misconfiguration, or other mishaps can all lead to a non-usable or non-functional system. ISO management enables you to attach an ISO to your instance from which you can boot. It’s the equivalent of inserting and then booting from a CD or DVD containing a bootable OS. This is particularly useful when your instance cannot be booted normally or is otherwise inaccessible.

We offer several ISOs (Live CDs) via our Customer Portal, which allow repair actions during many situations. For example, when you use ISO along with another Customer Portal feature called Console Access, you can:

  • Reset passwords if you accidentally lock yourself out
  • Mount disk volumes and retrieve data from them
  • Edit configurations
  • Fix errors that prevent regular booting
You can use ISOs through the Manage page of each Virtual Server or Leaseweb Cloud instance.
You can manage ISOs through the Manage page of each Virtual Server or Leaseweb Cloud instance.

If you’d like to know which ISOs we offer and how you can use them you can check the Leaseweb Knowledge Base:

We will keep adding new features to our cloud products while expanding the functionality of existing ones. In future releases, we plan to broaden the scope of ISO management by introducing the option to upload your own ISO, and provide minimal Linux Netinstall boot ISOs. The latter will allow you to install from the Netinstall ISO and define your own installation (partitioning). So stay tuned for more!

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