Community Outreach Program

Helping combat child abuse: Hotline Meldpunt Kinderporno joins the LeaseWeb Community Outreach Program

mkpLeaseWeb set up the Community Outreach program in 2010, aiming to bring together non-profit organizations who combat online abuse of all shapes and sizes. Whenever a new organization joins our Community Outreach program, we’ll introduce them to inform people about what they do – and why they do it.

The latest party joining our program is Meldpunt Kinderporno (MKP), the Dutch foundation against (online) child sexual abuse. LeaseWeb and MKP have already been working together as partners for a long time, so it is only natural that we now welcome them within our program.

Part of the organization INHOPE – the international network of hotlines in the world – MKP handles all reports of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) within the Netherlands. MKP will verify / analyze the content and process the reports. If they find any form of child sexual abuse, they will report them to the respective ISPs.

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LeaseWeb’s new Abuse Handler is now live

The various LeaseWeb services companies are always looking to improve the processes involved with handling abuse notifications and to increase user-friendliness.

Over the past few years, we have received valuable feedback on the abuse handling process from customers and third parties who submitted notifications. With that feedback in mind, we have developed a brand new system that will further streamline the abuse notification handling process. This system was launched on July 1st 2015 and the first responses are very positive.

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Law Enforcement Transparency Report 2014: July 1 – December 31

This is the third installment of LeaseWeb’s bi-annually Law Enforcement Transparency Report. It shows the number of demands we received in the prior six months. The figures below are for the period of July 1st – December 31st, 2013.

LeaseWeb believes that clients and other stakeholders deserve a clear articulation of LeaseWeb’s obligations and responsibilities to increase their understanding on how we ensure the highest quality of service, while adhering to the law. Customers are increasingly using technology to communicate and to store private and sensitive information. Like others in the technology industry, we believe it is important for the public to have transparent information about law enforcement access to customer data.

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LeaseWeb first hosting provider worldwide to launch Law Enforcement Transparency Report

LeaseWeb supports the idea of an open and safe internet. As one of the world’s largest hosting and IT infrastructure companies, with approximately 3-4 % of all internet traffic generated by LeaseWeb customers, we believe that transparency on the issues we face and how we address those issues is very important. Therefore, as the first hosting provider in the global hosting market, we are unveiling our Law Enforcement Transparency Report for 2012. We hope it will contribute to a safer and more open internet with a proper balance of rights.

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LeaseWeb and StopBadware unite to combat cybercrime

Stopbadware logoLeaseWeb, a leading global hosting provider, is sponsoring StopBadware ( to make the internet safer through the prevention, mitigation, and remediation of malware websites. LeaseWeb will provide hosted server infrastructure, physical capacity and redundancy for the network and services, to support the growth of the global initiative.

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