Leaseweb Singapore celebrates 10th Anniversary

Leaseweb Singapore Celebrates 10 Golden Years

As Leaseweb celebrates ten years in the garden city, I am proud of the incredible growth over the past years. Leaseweb Asia Pacific was the gateway to expanding further into Asia and Oceania and has been the stronghold of our presence in the region for the past decade.

Now, since we have grown our operations rapidly, we have established Leaseweb Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan as independent entities in the Asia Pacific region. The company name Leaseweb Asia Pacific Pte Ltd no longer clearly indicates the target market we are focusing on.

For this reason, I am proud to announce our new company name Leaseweb Singapore Pte Ltd. The stories of our customers are a testament to the incredible accomplishments of our team in Singapore and I look forward to achieving even more in the coming years with this wonderful group of talented people.

Recent Growth in the Region

Over the past year, Leaseweb APAC opened new data centers in Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney. This means we now have two data centers in each of these locations. The immense growth across the Asia-Pacific region is only expected to continue and my team and I are excited to tap into all of the opportunities that this region presents.

Abundance in the APAC market

If you’ve had your eye on the Asia-Pacific market – now is a great time to make your move. Home to over half of the world’s gaming community, it’s no surprise that the APAC region is expected to hold the largest market share in the Gaming industry leading up to the end of the decade. Between now and 2028, the Media and Entertainment sector is anticipated to grow by 7%. In a similar timeframe, digital advertising is forecast to expand by 13%, SaaS by 13%, and Ecommerce by 10% 

At Leaseweb, we’re excited and ready to facilitate the expected growth in the APAC region and we look forward to empowering our customers to be a part of that growth.  

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