Introducing Leaseweb’s Green Team

Leaseweb has been taking the climate crisis head-on with our commitment to sustainability and green goals for 2025. Data centers are notorious for being heavy energy consumers, which is why operating in a sustainable way is critical. Everything from the energy sources to our office spaces must be under scrutiny. Spear-heading these initiatives are the Green Team – Leaseweb employees in key positions to help create change.

What is the Green Team?

Our Green Team consists of representatives from our IT, Procurement, Operations, DC Ops, Finance, Legal, HR, Facilities, and Marketing departments. They meet regularly to establish measurable sustainability goals, initiate action, monitor progress and evaluate outcomes.  

Key functions for the team include:

Corporate Governance

Sparking action requires a roadmap with a clear goal. The Green Team ensures that clear targets are created, and that environmentalism is embedded in the culture of Leaseweb as a company. Considering the broader global impact of any activity is encouraged as common practice and incorporated into employee KPIs.

Promote Sustainability Awareness

Most people are aware of the state of the climate by now, so the question becomes: what can we do about it? Educating, training and motivating employees on just that is an important part of stimulating green practices within Leaseweb. Externally, the Green Team are also responsible for encouraging eco-friendly practices among customers, suppliers and contractors. This includes being transparent about our current sustainability initiatives so that customers can easily inform themselves.

Engaging in Sustainable Activities

Of course, the Green Team must identify and execute sustainable activities, including recycling, waste reduction, energy efficiency and other supply chain factors.  

What has the Green Team done so far?

As a starting point, the Green Team created an Environmental Statement outlining all green efforts that we aim to enact as a company. Leaseweb complies with the Energy Efficiency Directive and, together with the European Commission, helped create the Climate Neutral Data Pact 

Other sustainability initiatives executed at Leaseweb include choosing data centers based on their energy efficiency, establishing a green data center in Montreal with 100% renewable energy, optimizing equipment for sustainability, recycling hardware, and office-level initiatives.  

The main project that the Green Team are focusing on for 2023 is implementing ISO 14001. This is a certification for companies marking detailed criteria for environmental management.

Looking to the future

Ultimately, sustainability is a team effort stretching beyond just the Green Team itself. We’re excited for the coming years and all that our employees have planned to push the limits of sustainability in our industry. We believe that by empowering our employees, clients and shareholders, real impact can be achieved.

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