DE-CIX DirectCloud offers faster, easier and more private connection to the public cloud

For many companies, cloud computing is becoming central to their business. For these businesses, it is immensely important that the connections between the components of their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures are fast, stable and secure. This allows for the possibility of a new private connection directly via the internet exchange — without any detours via the public internet. In the past, these connections were reserved for ISPs and large companies. Recently, however, some internet exchanges have started to offer these private direct connections to cloud providers, who can in turn make these connections available to their customers as an extension. The Frankfurt internet exchange DE-CIX offers this through its DirectCLOUD partner program.

DE-CIX DirectCLOUD: Private, secure and direct access to the cloud

Using a VLAN, DE-CIX DirectCLOUD offers private access to more than 50 cloud service providers via the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange. Customers can establish a dedicated connection between their infrastructure and a selected cloud service provider. There are two options for this: either the ISPs or data centers enable their enterprise customers to connect to DE-CIX, or enterprises connect directly to DE-CIX. DE-CIX then extends the connection to the desired cloud in the second step — and consequently provides a private, secure, and direct low-latency connection. Companies therefore remain flexible by being able to select the cloud service providers that best suit their hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

Private cloud connections offer numerous advantages

Leaseweb already enables businesses to quickly move workloads between Leaseweb infrastructure and AWS, Azure or GCP via its own private network, Leaseweb Cloud Connect. The direct connection ensures that performance remains unaffected in the event of DDoS attacks. Similarly, no other networks can interfere with traffic.

Leaseweb is part of the DirectCLOUD ecosystem

In September 2022, Leaseweb Germany joined the DE-CIX DirectCloud partner program and, in addition to Cloud Connect, now offers an even more secure, dedicated and high-performance solution for connecting customers’ cloud services from Leaseweb with their preferred cloud providers. This gives businesses the flexibility to scale infrastructure, services, data and applications, and gives them greater control over their cloud environments. As part of the DirectCLOUD ecosystem, Leaseweb can better serve the growing demand for privacy-compliant hybrid and multi-cloud, providing real value for businesses and end users.

Details about DE-CIX DirectCloud

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