Performance development tools to support company culture

On April 4th Leaseweb hosted an event in collaboration with TruQu where we discussed and presented our roadmap and philosophy about performance development.

Before making the presentation, I reflected on how we are already supporting our global employees at Leaseweb. One thing stands out: it all starts with culture. At Leaseweb we recognize a few company values. Of those, ‘Never stop learning’, “Get it done” and ‘Make it fun’ are the values which we use to lay the foundation for healthy performance development.

We believe that our customers and employees make an impact on a global scale. At Leaseweb, the sun never sets. Whether we work in Singapore, Sydney, Phoenix, Manassas, London, Amsterdam, Haarlem or Frankfurt, our customers do business all over the globe.

Tools to support culture

The tools we use for people to build their careers must:

  • support multiple languages
  • be available everywhere and at all times
  • focus on continuous improvement
  • ensure that learning and development is positive and fun.

During the event, we made it clear that for us, a healthy company culture is about putting those values in action. We do that by giving employees the opportunity to learn and develop in the way that suits them best.

Which tools are we using?

We use e-learning tools like Litmos Heroes and Pluralsight. Through these tools, people can learn everywhere and at any time. Whether it is a small course about soft skills or an extensive technical course about Security, Linux, Java, or Agile.

With TMA and TIFF we give employees insight into their potential, what drives them to do an outstanding job, which competencies they can further develop, and where they could even do more work to be more effective.

We also use TruQu to foster a feedback culture in our company. This app is highly effective because you can do it any place, any time. The way TruQu is moving ahead to they will support out roadmap for our performance development cycle.

We are confident that through all these platforms and with our culture, we have a stable base. A base that supports our employees building their careers at Leaseweb.

Adapting with change

With this ever-changing world, we remain flexible so we can adapt to changes. Changes that will have an impact on our customers and the careers of our people. We are always on the lookout to further enhance our skills and performance.

Interested in finding out how we can empower your career? Take a look at our open jobs and get in touch!

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