By Bruce Mars

3 ways to maximize advertising and website ROI through IaaS

Customers want content delivered instantly. Whether it’s articles & videos or any type of advertising inventory pushed from a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) to a Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Owned Media, or big data being transmitted into a Data Management Platform (DMP) and used for analysis and real-time optimizations, it has to appear on the screen in milliseconds.

Slow websites decrease conversion rates and that costs money.

A strong infrastructure provider can resolve these challenges:

  1. Ad viewability (Billable Impressions/Page Load Time/SEO)
  2. Page speed (Ad Deliverability/UX/SEO)
  3. Data access (Efficiency/Relevancy)

It is achieved as follows:

  1. Ad viewability

    A viewable ad is a billable ad for publishers, which means the delivery must be instant. For a publisher plugged into a supply-side platform or a sell-side platform (SSP), more ads being effectively served equals more revenue. The more viewable ads an advertiser that buys through a demand side platform (DSP) can show, the more effective the campaign. An ad server fetching and delivering content between systems needs to be moving the inventory real time.Hosted environments on private clouds or dedicated servers combined with large bandwidth ensure that image, video and HTML5 ads are instantly available for sale or delivery when fetched by an ad server. This allows ad inventory and creatives with their associated bids to arrive in a timely manner for the Real Time Bidding (RTB) auction queues.

  2. Page speed

    Fast page speed not only improves ad deliverability but also the user experience and organic search rank. For e-commerce sites, a faster load time leads to an increase in conversion ratio. For instance, Amazon found that every 100ms of latency costs them 1% in sales.A Content Delivery Network (CDN) moves data to local servers and caches the content for easy access to the next geographically close location-based search. This is especially important for video content. Leaseweb’s strong global network with numerous PoPs delivers global content at lightening speeds. This means publishers and ad servers can deliver high-impact, high-definition ads without any disruption.

  3. Data access

    Cookies and creative IDs have numerous dimensions of data attached. This data has to be stored – and retrieved when the visitor comes back – on the publisher’s servers, in the ad server, in data management platforms (DMPs), and for regulations. Quick processing of this data allows for campaigns with real-time personalization, that in turn deliver more conversions.With a dedicated server, data access is faster. Regardless of the amount of traffic, data hosted on a dedicated server will always have enough space to accommodate the demand. All the processing power of the server belongs to one customer. The server can be configured precisely to match the companies’ application needs just as the data can be instantly available for use in real time. When new campaigns need to be launched quickly, dedicated hosting can be launched quickly and easily – within a day or within an hour using Bare Metal.

These three challenges have an enormous impact on your company network, so make sure that your infrastructure solutions provider has experience with these ad serving, SEO and UX challenges. Then you can can successfully deliver immersive, rich media ads and personalized content without compromising website performance, and at the same time keeping the conversion rates as high as they need to be.

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