Four trends straight from the IBC 2014 convention floor

IBC 2014From 12-16 September, the annual International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) was held in the RAI (conference center) in Amsterdam.

Leaseweb was present and it was a great opportunity to meet many of our customers in person, as most of them usually purchase their cloud, bare metal or CDN services from us online. Gathering their feedback, hearing directly about their growth and their projects and the traditional canal boat ride was really great. It was so encouraging for all our teams that we feel full of energy to innovate again and again. So thank you for the great time and for the trust placed in our CDN solution.


A few trends struck us during our stay at the show:

  1. Satellite appears to still be the main way to send or capture broadcast signals. No sign yet of ways to combine on-the-ground 4G connections like back in the good old days with ISDN.
  2. The OTT proliferation: There was a time when OTT players were developing their whole IT platform by themselves. This practice seems to be long gone when I look at the numerous “end-to-end” OTT video platform solutions that were present all around the show. OTT players could just focus on financing the content rights.
  3. How big can a screen get? There were amazing screens with ultra HD, a passive 3D screen that could fit in a movie theatre, yet that was watchable at a 1 meter distance. How amazing is that? The limit doesn’t seem to be the screen size anymore, but our brain capacity to analyze the information.
  4. But what’s the point in having big screens if the audience is watching on mobile devices! The massive migration of audience to mobile devices is driving the adoption of Adaptive Bit Rate and HTTP delivery, which is exactly our focus within the CDN team.

It was a great time to learn about the way new content and new standards are created and it reinforced our commitment to provide a no-frill service focused on delivering a fast, reliable, and secure CDN solution around the globe.

It would be great to meet you at other events we are attending in coming weeks such as: HostingCon Amsterdam, Velocity Barcelona and Ad:Tech New-York. Check out our event schedule here:

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