Leaseweb moves to its new European headquarters in Amsterdam

Work is fun – that’s the first thing that strikes our mind as we enter Leaseweb’s sprawling headquarters. Our new custom-designed 6-story office space opens its gates today. Standing tall and proud at the heart of Netherland’s thriving business center, this 6700 square-meter building houses our multi-cultural team of over 250 skilled employees, and much more…

A quick tour through the swanky interiors

Space, games, lounge chairs, cool colors, plush velvet sofas, ad hoc meeting rooms, artistic structures, varied lamp shades, coffee corners, reading areas, lavish wine bar, relaxing lounge area – you name it, we’ve got it! In one word, “WOW!”. And that’s the feel everyone has once they tour our new campus.

If color dictates our mood, we are surely in for some good mood and happy times ahead! The walls are splashed with our theme colors – blue and orange – designed to enhance focus and inspire creativity. We do realize that work can be demanding – hence to maintain the focus – the walls are designed with motivating quotes and inspiring taglines. All floors are fully carpeted – and no, not with the dull ones – but with brightly colored, aesthetically selected ones!

The design of all the floors are identical, however, each floor has its own theme. Each floor is furnished with a lounge area with cozy couches and attractive plants – a mini kitchen comprising of coffee corners, fruit baskets, and fridges – and ample conference rooms.  The entrance to each conference room has its own touch-screen gadget to help schedule the meeting, and locate a free slot. We can’t help but think of “Transformers” as we passed by the multifunctional printers, sensitive to a user’s badge. The password-protected personal lockers add to the overall coolness of the new place. But aren’t we still missing something? We do believe that at Leaseweb, we work hard; we play hard. We are still to find the proof…

Blame it on the profuse space, it took some time to locate the “Game” room. The brightly-colored beanbags scream out to tell you to take a break! And a worthy break indeed – with Arcade machines, Xbox 360, foosball table, and gaming graphics livening up the walls – it’s the ideal place to relax between hectic work schedules. To say the least, the design just blows your mind. As you take the Leaseweb orange elevators, you are left overwhelmed as each floor unfolds new experiences and a spectacular work environment. Employees have access to the massive cafeteria – surrounded on all sides with glass wall – providing a lovely view of some green patch. Furnished with enormous lamp shades dangling over each table, reading areas, personalized booths for team lunch, a classy wine bar, reclining couches, and a view of the first servers used at Leaseweb – this got to be the coolest cafeteria in town!

Work environment affects happiness and productivity, and the purpose of this design is to augment that. By having a good work environment, we’ll serve our customers with an even bigger smile.

From S to L – the journey has been XL

Although it’s an amazing upgrade of our work environment, there are other reasons for the move. Over the years, we unlocked the floodgates to talent, enthusiasm, and skill. What started with 4 people evolved into 250+ employees. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we merge bright entrepreneurial minds from across the globe to innovate the future of hosting. The fact is clear – we are growing like never before. To accommodate this growth, we spread our wings and landed at one of the most popular internet hubs in the world, with our own spacious office, opening new doors for growth (literally!).

The first impression of our new building is incredible. As we grow, we look forward to sharing this cool new space with new colleagues and customers.

Read more on the opening of the new headquarters in the follow-up blog or check out the opening on Flickr.

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