ISP Kart Competition 2012

On Saturday the 31st March, the ISP Kart Competition returned to great success. During this annual event industry veterans such as AMS-IX, Schuberg Philis and TeleCity gather and challenge each other to friendly duels on large kart racing tracks.

It was cold and cloudy that day, but luckily the tracks were indoors. There were 36 teams, all eager to take the cup home. The Leaseweb team did a brilliant job and gave it their best, but unfortunately didn’t place for the finals. However, we did finish a very respectable third place during the sponsor-only race, which took place after the qualifications for the finals. We have to hand it to the Schuberg Philis team: they really earned their first place (in both races).

Of course, any racing team worth its salt brings along its supporters, and they came out in droves. Many ISP’s had their own stands where these visitors could mix and mingle or dance to the tunes of various DJ’s. If you didn’t feel like talking or dancing, you could participate in many different games such as laser gaming, classic arcade gaming or a good old fashioned game of cards.

Leaseweb had a large stand too, and we made sure it contained some very nice crowd pleasing attractions:

  • Everybody could race on our huge Carrera radio-controlled racetrack, which was a big hit with attendees young and old. The person who raced the fastest lap would win a race driver’s license course from the Dutch Race Driver Academy. At the end of the day, the fastest racer was Taco van Arkel of Iphion. Congratulations Taco, do let us know how your course went!
  • Five lovely Leaseweb ladies took Polaroid pictures of people, giving them a nice little souvenir to take home.
  • Along with regular sodas and beers, we had our very own Leaseweb energy drinks, which lead to some very energetic dancers near the end of the day.

Of course, a picture says more than a thousand words, so be sure to take a peek at our photos out below. And to all our ISP colleagues out there: You better watch out next year, because we will be back, more prepared than ever!

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