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They are the unsung heroes of every IT company: the people that write the software, provision the servers, provide technical support and all the others that form the beating heart of the organization. That’s why we felt it was time to give put them in the spotlight. Welcome to our new series of blogs called Working at Leaseweb. This series will be written by Leaseweb employees, who will give you a behind the scenes look at our company, from their perspective. So without further ado, we present our first guest:

Hey there! I’m Jeroen Stolp, 23 years old and currently employed as a Software Developer at Leaseweb.

During graduation
During graduation

I received my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (with a minor in Software Engineering) in July 2011. After graduating, I joined Leaseweb again on the first day of September. I say joined again, because I started here as an intern. It was at an internship event where I met Vyvyan Koning (our corporate recruiter) and got some information on Leaseweb’s internship program. She also invited me to the OCOM Talent Day in December 2010. Once that was done I knew I had found the place where I wanted to do my final internship. A company with its own datacenter, that’s just awesome! The fact that the offices are only a ten minute bike-ride away was just icing on the cake.

I guess it’s safe to say that the internship was a really good experience for all involved, which is why I stayed with the company afterwards. For over four months now I’ve been developing new functionalities of various (in-house) systems, such as the OCOM careers website, while solving software issues/bugs for colleagues. In the near future I really want to more experience as a Software Developer and within one or two years I might grow more towards the field of networking.

So what does a typical day at the office look like for me?

I usually get in at 8:10 and get some coffee, check my mail and get organized for the day. Then I work for about one and a half hour until 9:30, which is when the daily SCRUM standup meeting with the release team. At 12 o’clock I enjoy a nice company lunch with my colleagues. Afterwards, it’s on to deployments, fixing stuff that’s broken. Once everything works fine, it’s back to development again. In between I have a cup of tea and eat tangerines when I feel like it. The last hour of the day is all about finishing up the work and documenting the activities. I usually also check the intranet for company news. Then I’m off to home, feeling satisfied about my job and ready to go sailing, cycling or do some surfing (both on and off the web).

The part I love the most about my job is ensuring that everyone can enjoy the internet. And for a company with 200+ employees, you’ll be surprised how many colleagues at Leaseweb know your first name. It really feels like one big team. There are many different people walking around here, making it very multicultural (and multifunctional). But I think we do have one thing in common: we love our jobs while aiming for the same goal – making customers as happy as possible.

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  1. Marieke Stolp
    Marieke Stolp
    December 9, 2011 at 14:12

    Hi there Jeroen and other people who work at Leaseweb!

    I never knew what you were doing at Leaseweb, now I know for sure: a real job it is!

    Thanks Leaseweb, since my brother has been working for your company, I get loads and loads of gifts from

    Keep up the good work,

    Marieke Stolp

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