A visit to the PLNOG 2011

Last week, Leaseweb visited the PLNOG (Polish Network Operator Group) conference, the biggest networking conference in and around Poland. Over 500 attendees formed one big melting pot of different telecom, network and IT companies. There were also lot of network architects, system administrators, datacenter employees and content providers visiting the event, which is held on a regular basis.

During the two PLNOG days there were many discussion panels and presentations we could attend. The lectures were given by the best Polish specialists, including our very own networking guru Grzegorz Janoszka, as well as multiple experts from abroad.

Grzegorz is a very well-known person in the Polish IT industry. He gave very interesting presentations both in peering sessions and presentation panels:

• Memoirs of the IPv6 deployment in a hosting network
• How to successfully peer at 20+ Internet exchanges

There were many presentations on technical subjects such as core routers, architecture Ethernet, mobile backhaul solutions, Linux contextualization, implementation of GPON systems, Jambox and MPLS. But one of the most interesting discussions was about cloud. The session was a round table hosted by Microsoft, HP and Cisco. The discussion touched on server migrations, service in a cloud, peering and general internet updates.

To end the event in style we of course went to the PLNOG after-party. As always, such an evening gave the attendees an opportunity to talk with their partners, potential clients and share knowledge in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Even though we’ve got quite some experience in the networking industry, these two days were very educational and interesting. And of course we enjoyed catching up with our networking friends.

So see you next time at PLOG!

The Leaseweb team

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