3 reasons to become a fan of a hosting company on Facebook

Hosting companies need to be at the forefront of all the new online (social) media and developments, using these portals to keep in contact with customers in the places where they hang out is important.

Social media is an ideal way to provide quick, direct and efficient information and responses – and there is no hiding, everyone can see what is going on, so you need to be on-board with being transparent which not all companies can quite get to grips with. So why become a fan and not just be limited to a website?

1.     View photos of products, datacenters and the people who you are dealing with – it’s always nice to be able to really see things and people, even if your imagination is great!

2.    Stay involved – voice your opinion and get advice from others using hosting by leaving  comments or suggestions. It’s a technical industry so a good place to ‘meet’ other technical peers.

3.    Be the first to get special offers, that sometimes are only available to those who are a fan.

Social media is an additional service to Leaseweb customers, providing them with immediate support, up to date information on developments and not-to-be-missed special offers – that’s why we stay connected through different social media portals such as  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We encourage you to get involved and use our social media accounts to ask questions and leave any comments or suggestions. Curious? Go and visit our new Facebook page and become a fan!

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