The Green Giant: Leaseweb leads the way towards sustainable, energy efficient hosting

We will be discussing our newest Ultra Green server options. Leaseweb customers can currently obtain these extremely environmentally friendly servers at very attractive introductory prices, so many clients should find this information of great interest.

Leaseweb has a well deserved reputation, as one of the most green, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly hosts worldwide. Leaseweb is among the largest hosts in Europe, serving a global clientele. Leaseweb is well known as a green technology leader, encouraging the development of cost effective, sustainable, carbon neutral hosting. Leaseweb customers hosted in the state-of-the-art green datacenter, EvoSwitch have participated in many of these green initiatives. Leaseweb clients have embraced our vision of maintaining a sustainable carbon neutral energy footprint. Customers recognize that environmentally friendly hosting solutions benefit them, since eliminating wasted energy results in lower hosting costs, resulting in better price points available to Leaseweb customers.

Hosting some of its customers at EvoSwitch allows Leaseweb to offer green carbon neutral high quality, state-of-the-art hosting solutions, suitable for a wide range of requirements, from single servers to large enterprise hosting solutions. EvoSwitch is one of a range of datacenters utilized by Leaseweb to meet customer hosting requirements. Leaseweb continues to devote serious R&D resources to achieve even higher levels of energy efficiency in the future. Recently, we have expanded our green initiative by testing an entirely new green hosting concept, with extremely successful, environmentally friendly outcomes for our customers. This new green approach will further reduce our already low carbon footprint.

Not too Hot; Not too Cold; Just Right!

Servers and IT equipment must be kept at reasonable ambient temperatures and environmental conditions to operate properly. A datacenter need to employ an effective method to remove the considerable amounts of heat generated by the operation of IT equipment. Traditionally, datacenters required huge industrial strength air and environmental conditioning equipment, including massive chillers and condensers to keep the temperature and humidity levels within acceptable ranges.

Unfortunately, this inefficient approach to air conditioning required inordinate amounts of energy, which was essentially wasted, to remove excess heat, in order to allow IT equipment to function properly. If chillers fail, for example, temperatures would start rising sharply in a matter of minutes, swiftly rendering servers inoperable, and causing serious customer reliability issues. Most datacenters throughout the world still utilize this very inefficient, old-fashioned air conditioning cycle to keep their IT equipment at optimum temperatures. Such an obsolete approach does substantial damage to the environment by wasting energy, and causing needless energy expenses, which are passed on to the customer as increased charges.

Leaseweb had a better idea. Leaseweb has recently participated in a new Ultra Green initiative, piloting even more efficient, advanced, environmentally friendly solutions to meet customer hosting requirements. The EvoSwitch datacenter has been ground-zero for testing many of these revolutionary new green initiatives.

EvoSwitch datacenter points to a sustainable Ultra Green hosting future

Since its inception, the EvoSwitch datacenter has been a pathfinder in the development of efficient green datacenter infrastructure for hosts wanting the most highly efficient carbon neutral hosting. Hosting some of its customers at EvoSwitch allows Leaseweb to provide quality hosting in an extremely green hosting environment, while offering: state-of-the-art datacenter features; superior technical support and innovative hosting solutions.  The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a standard industry metric of energy efficiency. The PUE at EvoSwitch currently equals 1,5, which is extremely low compared to the average of most commercial datacenters worldwide and EvoSwitch continues to improve on it.  (The PUE equals total facility power divided by IT equipment power. Lower is better, and the best is 1,0, or no wasted energy.)

Recent research into better green, environmentally friendly hosting outcomes has yielded major improvements — so good, the result has been named “Ultra Green” environmental hosting. During the last six months, EvoSwitch, in cooperation with Dell, HP, Supermicro, ASUS, and Microsoft, has tested an entirely new way of cooling with very impressive results. EvoSwitch improvements combine a number of existing green technologies:

  • Free Cooling — provided by feeding cooler outside filtered air into EvoSwitch, when climate temperatures are favorable, to cool IT equipment, without the use of mechanical refrigeration, saving substantial energy costs; and
  • Cool Aisle Containment — concentrating and trapping the cool supply air from computer room air condition units (CRAC), where it is needed most, at the server intake.  By enclosing the entire cold aisle, so cool air does not escape, and the warm air from the hot aisle does not re-circulate to the server intake, the efficiency of our CRAC can be greatly improved, requiring substantially less energy for cooling.

The new Ultra Green approach melds these existing EvoSwitch green technologies for controlling air flow circulation and environmental management with the set-up of cooling equipment in a totally new and very innovative manner. As a result the servers and IT equipment within this very green environment have extremely low levels of total energy usage.

Hosting clients in an Ultra Green datacenter, such as EvoSwitch, results in significant improvements in our already excellent price-quality ratio for Leaseweb customers, since energy use remains a notable and rising factor of hosting costs for datacenters. Utilizing Ultra Green hosting solutions also means that the performance and reliability of IT equipment gets a boost, thanks to the increased cooling system efficiency, as well as substantial energy cost savings.

Ultra Green hosting initiatives are not the only way Leaseweb provides its customers with cost effective hosting solutions. In addition, to these new environmental hosting approaches, Leaseweb continues to perfect software based hosting opportunities to maximize customer hosting efficiency. For example, the Leaseweb VMware solution, utilized by an increasing number of Leaseweb clients, allows customers to maximize their hosting and energy efficiency, by virtualizing their entire IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, networks as a shared utility at Leaseweb, obtaining a secure, 24/7 technical support environment, combined with the opportunity to host in an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral datacenter, EvoSwitch. Leaseweb VMware gives our clients the ability to quickly and easily grow their hosting services, as their business increases.. The Leaseweb VMware solution is just one of a number of ways Leaseweb empowers its customers to manage all their hosting requirements with customized solutions to meet commercial and enterprise hosting needs, in a sustainable, cost efficient way. Consult us for further innovative hosting solutions to meet specific hosting requirements.

Specially Priced Ultra Green Hosting solutions available now to Leaseweb Customers

We are currently in the pilot phase of our Ultra Green Hosting rollout. As an incentive to try our new Ultra-Green hosted servers, many Ultra Green server packages are now available at reduced prices to both new and existing customers, The results to date from the pilot Ultra Green hosting project have been outstanding, with superb stability and a low carbon footprint, combined with Leaseweb quality and service. Based on the success of the initial pilot, we plan to scale up the service availability to all customers desiring this new environmentally friendly alternative. In cooperation with our partners, we are pleased to be able to offer this Ultra Green energy friendly alternative at attractive introductory prices, including substantial price reductions available, for a limited time. For more details, or to place an order immediately, please contact our sales team.

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