Leaseweb presents at Netapp Innovation conference

I gave a presentation on April 3rd as a key note speaker on the financial impact of virtualization on the Netapp Innovation event. I must give my compliments to Theo van Theylingen and his Netapp team for organizing such a major event. It was a pleasure to present in such an outstanding setting and there were around 900 people attending.

My main point was that IT managers are often not responsible for the energy bill. If the IT department does not have an incentive to become more efficient with power, then it will be difficult to get them to save energy. The IT industry will have to take a more integrated approach to managing the computing resources. Especially since around 70% of the TCO during the life cycle consists of power and cooling expenses and just 30% the hardware itself.

A copy of my presentation is here: netappv13.ppt

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