Articles by Pieter Dijkhuis (Finance Director)

International Jobs @ Leaseweb

The number of international employees within Leaseweb has increased substantially during the last 12 months. New people from the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy and Greece joined the support, business development, sales and networking departments. A nice feature of this development is that gradually a new culture is emerging as new nationalities make their contribution to […]

EU gets involved

I just read a press release from EU commisioner Viviane Reading about energy savings in the IT industry. I found the interesting part of the press release that the commission is also recognizing that the IT industry is not only a consumer of energy but also a source of many energy savings for many other […]

Power supply units

We spent a lot of time on energy efficiency and it might be interesting to share our experiences with the community in order to exchange best practices. It is very important to really think through your choice of hardware. In particular the energy loss of a power supply unit of a server is concerning. Google […]

Leaseweb presents at Netapp Innovation conference

I gave a presentation on April 3rd as a key note speaker on the financial impact of virtualization on the Netapp Innovation event. I must give my compliments to Theo van Theylingen and his Netapp team for organizing such a major event. It was a pleasure to present in such an outstanding setting and there […]

Government regulation for datacenters in Amsterdam

The local Dutch newspaper Parool published an interesting article on the increased regulations for datacenters in the Amsterdam area. The city of Amsterdam has taken a leading role in bringing together datacenter operators, IT companies and environmental experts as part of their Climate Program. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 40% in 2025 […]

Microsoft datacenter strategy

A good source of information on the latest developments in the tech space is the blog of Nick Carr. He is the acclaimed author of the article “Does IT matter” which made him sort of a guru on IT and cloud computing in the US. Carr just made a new post where he shares with […]

10 years of hard work

The hosting business is still very young and many people in society do not really understand what we do. Some in my immediate surrounding still think of 16 year old teenagers toying around with computers when they think of the hosting industry. My mother still does not understand what I do. If I look at […]