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Why NPS is not the Holy Grail

To measure the loyalty of our customers, LeaseWeb uses the Net Promotor Score (NPS) as a key performance indicator. The NPS is a management tool that was developed by Fred Reichheld and introduced in 2003. By asking one simple question – ‘How likely is it that you would recommend … to a friend or colleague?’ – it measures a company’s perceived performance and basically tells you how happy customers are.

The NPS is helpful, but all too often, organizations focus too much on the score. The score itself only tells you the temperature of the relationship with customers. If the relationship has deteriorated and has reached a fever temperature, it does not indicate what caused the fever. Was it a bad sales contact, or the quality of the products? And what can you do to improve the sales or product experience?

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Congratulations to our newly certified engineers!

Being a certified company is just one of the cornerstones of good business practice. That’s why we’ve been busy over the past few months training our brand new support engineers to become accredited and qualified, as certified by LeaseWeb!

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10 Tips on how to identify a quality hosting provider

Finding a quality hosting provider can be harder than it seems despite the development of the industry and a huge choice of suppliers. Setting up a quality internet infrastructure, be it dedicated servers or cloud services may have become everyday business, but choosing a provider should definitely not be left to chance. LeaseWeb has put together a list of key questions that should definitely be asked to ensure the right choice is made.

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Important Upgrade Support Department

Amsterdam, September 15, 2009 – LeaseWeb (, one the world’s leading dedicated hosting providers, has significantly upgraded its Support Department over the past six months in response to signs that customers’ support experience could be improved. The most recent semi-annual customer survey held among more than 1,300 customers showed that the measures are having a positive effect.

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Customer satisfaction

In October 2008, when the financial world collapsed and started a deep economic recession, LeaseWeb experienced one of its biggest growths measured in turnover per month. This was partly caused by a hosting provider in the United States which went belly up and losing some of its biggest customers to LeaseWeb. Our Support department was already under some stress at that time by the growth we had experienced during the months before but the sudden increase in new customers and growing support requests really put a strain on our support engineers.

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