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Protecting patient data with LeaseWeb

In secure a study released this week by the Ponemon Institute, a U.S. privacy research group, almost 90 percent of surveyed healthcare organizations reported they had at least one data breach involving patient data in the last two years; 45 percent reported more than five breaches.

Healthcare records are a prime target for hackers because they are such a rich source of information. Stolen credit card numbers expire quickly once the patterns of misuse are discovered. Personal identity information is far more persistent.

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What are my datacenter options at LeaseWeb?

It has been a great year at LeaseWeb and we are proud to announce that we launched further datacenter locations across the globe. In LeaseWeb’s terms, this means we are ‘super excited’ as we will be able to meet and exceed our customer requirements even better than before!

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Net Neutrality Legally Defined in the Netherlands

If it is up to the Dutch Minister of Economics, Maxime Verhagen, net neutrality will be legally adopted in the Netherlands. This was stated  in the Dutch Parliament during a debate yesterday regarding a new telecommunications law where the “net neutrality” amendment was embraced by most political parties. The amendment requires Internet providers and telecom operators ensure equal access for customers to all types of content, services, or applications and prohibits the blocking, delay or obstruction of specific services.

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Celebrating Queen’s Day in style with our valued LeaseWeb clients

LeaseWeb hosts a large amount of servers in various datacenters across the world, including some in the Netherlands. We invited a number of valued LeaseWeb clients to celebrate Queen’s night in Amsterdam, to  get to know our customers better and enjoy some quality time together

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3 reasons to become a fan of a hosting company on Facebook

Hosting companies need to be at the forefront of all the new online (social) media and developments, using these portals to keep in contact with customers in the places where they hang out is important.

Social media is an ideal way to provide quick, direct and efficient information and responses – and there is no hiding, everyone can see what is going on, so you need to be on-board with being transparent which not all companies can quite get to grips with. So why become a fan and not just be limited to a website?

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LeaseWeb on Twitter

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