To peer or not to peer – reflections about IP Interconnection from the Global Peering Forum 14 in Montreal

In April I joined the 14th edition of the Global Peering Forum (“GPF”) in Montreal. This is a conference where about 300 representatives from internet service providers, content providers (hosting companies, hyperscalers, content delivery networks), internet exchanges and data centers come together to discuss how to further improve and lower costs of IP interconnection (the way internet traffic is exchanged and routed […]

Net Neutrality Legally Defined in the Netherlands

If it is up to the Dutch Minister of Economics, Maxime Verhagen, net neutrality will be legally adopted in the Netherlands. This was stated  in the Dutch Parliament during a debate yesterday regarding a new telecommunications law where the “net neutrality” amendment was embraced by most political parties. The amendment requires Internet providers and telecom […]

A reliable hosting provider should support net neutrality

Net neutrality is one of those things we, as a reliable cloud provider, need to support to ensure all internet content is readily available without additional cost, which is traditionally the way content is provided to users. Leaseweb strongly supports an ‘open’ internet with content freely accessible to viewers without a ‘gatekeeper,’ artificial barriers, or any […]