The Green Giant: LeaseWeb leads the way towards sustainable, energy efficient hosting

We will be discussing our newest Ultra Green server options. LeaseWeb customers can currently obtain these extremely environmentally friendly servers at very attractive introductory prices, so many clients should find this information of great interest.

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Data center energy savings: be realistic

Data center energy saving is a hot news-item. Google announced experimenting with floating data centers in the sea, Sun is building a data center in an old coal mine below the surface which saves 50% on energy. Although energy reduction is a must, it is important to be realistic in the options available.

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Government regulation for datacenters in Amsterdam

The local Dutch newspaper Parool published an interesting article on the increased regulations for datacenters in the Amsterdam area. The city of Amsterdam has taken a leading role in bringing together datacenter operators, IT companies and environmental experts as part of their Climate Program. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 40% in 2025 compared to 1990 levels.

Amsterdam contains many high tech companies and datacenters account for 6% of total CO2 emissions of the city. Therefore the city is organizing a Green IT project. The objective of this project is to facilitate the exchange of best practices from the leading players in order to improve efficiencies. In fact the article in Parool is based on a report of the Energy research Center of the Netherlands which was based on the first results of among others our new climate neutral datacenter. Based on this report the city is planning to impose a Energy Usage Efficiency (EUE) factor of 1.3.

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Cooling a datacenter

Server airflowOne of the major problems when operating a datacenter is to cool your serverrooms in the most efficient way. Servers are growing faster, bigger, more power consuming then ever, causing more heat in your racks. Improving the cooling systems will reduce costs, might give your datacenter more capacity (more servers with the same cooling capacity) and is a good thing for the environment (and don’t tell me you don’t want to be a green). In this article I will discuss the solutions EvoSwitch (LeaseWeb housing facility) has taken to improve the quality of cooling and reduce costs.

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