Mitigate Supply Chain Issues by Looking at the Cloud

To Mitigate Supply Chain Issues, Look to the Cloud

Even with the global supply chain crisis sparked by the emergence of COVID-19 and a sky-rocketed increase in consumer demand, eCommerce business is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, 2022 is expected to be another record-breaking year for the industry. Total U.S. eCommerce sales are projected to grow 16.1% and will increase 2.5% year over year beyond 2022.

Companies are scrambling to find a way to meet customer demand while being inundated with supply chain problems. To find a solution, some IT leaders are looking at the cloud.

The cloud opens up countless possibilities for online retailers to strengthen the manufacturing line to meet consumer demand. Below are three ways the eCommerce industry can benefit from cloud solutions during breaks in the supply chain:

Making data accessible

Data needs to be accessible for the supply chain to work with no disruptions. In order to facilitate that, there are a number of key players that need to plan and act on accurate information across various departments in an organization. Bridging the gap between silos across a company can lead to a clear inventory plan.

The right cloud hosting provider can enable and centralize data integration between all departments. Using the cloud as an enabler helps businesses track their inventory and ensure it has the stock that was promised to their customers.

Mitigate around unforeseen issues

Fostering an excellent online shopping experience hinges on a company’s ability to deliver the products in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, unexpected events can happen leading to a delay in shipment or manufacturing time.

The amount of forecast possibilities that can delay a supply package is inconsistent. With the proper cloud solution in place supply chain platforms can help companies take in critical information like shipment delays, manufacturing stoppages or inclement weather to determine the next best actions that resolve the issue or reasonably get around it.

Enhances Collaboration

As aforementioned, information is better used when it is accessible to all the right eyes. Companies can only respond to the changing consumer demand if information is shared along the entire value chain. The supply chain ecosystem works best when there is an end-to-end collaboration among all stakeholders, from suppliers and manufacturers to retailers and consumers.

Cloud solutions – such as Leaseweb’s Cloud Connect – offer a cost-effective way to utilize the benefits of the cloud and move workloads between a public cloud and Leaseweb servers as demands, needs and costs change. The solution enables organizations to seamlessly integrate data from the proprietary systems of their trading partners regardless of geographical boundaries.

Looking ahead, online retailers will need to anticipate and respond to ever-changing consumer demand while ensuring their supply chains are as flexible and transparent as possible. Achieving this calls for a much more ambitious push to the cloud across all levels of the supply chain.

The unpredictability of the New Year is a stressful time for many businesses, especially with recent events. Companies need to partner with the right hosting cloud solution to stay ahead of the upcoming challenges.

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