Becoming #7 on the “Best Place to Work in Virginia” List Starts with Culture

Leaseweb USA was ranked seventh on the “Best Places to Work” list by Virginia Business Journal. The annual list was created by Virginia Business Journal and Best Companies Group to identify, recognize and celebrate the best of the best in all industries across the state. As an awardee, Leaseweb USA joins the ranks of companies who’ve shown to benefit the state’s economy, workforce and other businesses in the area. This marks the second consecutive year that Leaseweb has ranked in this list. (For the full press release, click here).

Gaining this recognition required Leaseweb USA to participate in a two-part survey process which evaluated both the company’s processes and institutions and measured employee perception. Leaseweb USA’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics accounted for 20% of the evaluation, while employee feedback measuring individual experience and satisfaction comprised 75% of the total evaluation.

Part of what allows Leaseweb USA to continue our legacy as one of the best places to work in Virginia is our company culture. We prioritize fostering an informal, multicultural environment that encourages independence, entrepreneurship and a can-do attitude. Commitment to creating this positive, challenging yet collaborative workplace is ingrained in Leaseweb USA – but it is a defining quality that many companies overlook.


Here are just a few of the ways Leaseweb USA helps our company culture stand out:

We’ve identified our core values

The technology talent gap has left organizations struggling to snag top talent in a highly competitive market. The values of an organization can make it stand out to a potential employee. After all, culture is built on the foundation of values. At Leaseweb USA, our values include professionalism, positivity, integrity, a strong work ethic, respect and accountability.

Every hire is made with culture in mind

Over the years at Leaseweb USA, the guiding principles we identified above have been used to determine whether an interviewee candidate would be a good fit here at the company. Our culture is built on the foundation of these values. Technical skills, certifications and prior-experience all play a role in the hiring process, of course. But our onboarding process takes the extra step to ensure that the individual will be just as happy here at Leaseweb USA as we are to work alongside them.

Expectation is outlined for each role

Job expectations go far beyond what the job posting says. Each job title in the IT industry comes with a set of expectations that are not always communicated before the hiring process is complete. We value–and work to prioritize–transparency. We strive to ensure all of our new employees understand the “unspoken” expectations of their position so that they can thrive.

Our employees know they are valued

A ten-year long study found that 79% of people who quit their jobs have cited a “lack of appreciation” for leaving. In order to create an environment where top talent is not only drawn but maintained, we must go beyond a comprehensive and competitive benefits package–although that is a critical component–and offer recognition, validation and appreciation both consistently and sincerely.

We’ve added in some fun

Having fun has been proven to stimulate creativity and improve collaboration and communication. At Leaseweb USA, we have a “Fun & Pride” team that is always surprising our employees with all kinds of different events throughout the year. In addition, we also believe that the happiness and health of our employees is of the utmost importance. For that reason, we also take care of free lunches and fresh fruits every day and encourage participation in Leaseweb USA sports teams and yoga.


To be named alongside other prominent Virginia-based companies reaffirms the values we uphold for our company culture are aligned with the community and industry. But this recognition truly belongs to the employees who make Leaseweb USA a great place to work, day-in and day-out. We are proud to work alongside some of the world’s best and brightest… This award is a testament to that truth.

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This blog was written by Meg Riat, Human Resources Director at Leaseweb USA.