Why Open Source Platforms Are an Effective Tool for Businesses

When it comes to developing tech tools or software, businesses have a few options. Companies may have a single person or company in charge of the tech, or they can develop it as part of open source.

Thankfully, open source proves to be an excellent option for building and improving programs due to the innovative atmosphere it presents.

Collaboration is a major component of open source, as its very concept aims to provide experts across the globe with a reliable platform to build and develop innovative things. The idea behind the open source community is to build anything for shared purposes, which often yields a high degree of involvement and transparency. Open source platforms are also constantly evolving, and the diversity of thought from people all across the globe make them stronger and more robust.

Also, the open source community is not limited to only developers. Testers, end users, and tech writers find the plethora of tools endlessly rewarding. The mass collaboration efforts noted on open source has paved the way for companies across the world to band together in an effort to solve big problems.

How Leaseweb Is Utilizing Open Source

GitHub is the core location for building software, housing over 27 million users who have built and contributed to over 80 million projects. Leaseweb has currently developed 30 open source repositories and is continuing to develop and maintain more, which it will share with users while taking full advantage of the various tools available on the environment. As a company, Leaseweb actively contributes to open source knowledge, ensuring it is available for everyone’s use.

Apache CloudStack and Nginx are just a couple of the open source tools Leaseweb uses and contributes to. CloudStack is a type of open source cloud computing software that uses hypervisors like VMware vSphere, VMware ESXi, VMware vCenter, XenServer/XCP, and KVM to manage, deploy, and create infrastructure cloud services.

Nginx, which was released under the terms of a BSD-like license, is another useful open-source software web server. This program is one that can be used as an HTTP cache, load balancer, or a reversed proxy. Not only is Nginx beneficial for Leaseweb, the company also announced that Leaseweb is its preferred infrastructure partner and a leading hosting provider.

Using Open Source to Strengthen Your Products

The open source platform can be extremely beneficial for IT professionals, especially when it comes to developing and strengthening new software and tech tools. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, as you begin using open source platforms:

1. Make Sure You Have the Right License

Before beginning, it’s imperative to verify you have the proper open source license. Apache, GNU GPL, and MIT offer various categories of licenses, so be sure to preview guidelines and other information on licenses before implementing repositories of your own.

2. Consider the Costs Involved

Although open source is typically free, there are some exceptions that can be found on the platform. It is important to consider some of the possible expenses and drawbacks for software. Be sure to make sure the software is free before downloading it, and also consider the hidden costs associated with learning how to use the program, installing it, setting it up, running it, and maintaining updates. Also be sure to consider potential problems with implementation, administration, and support for repositories over time.

3. Create an Implementation Plan

Finally, develop a sound plan for adoption. Whether your company is moving steadily ahead with implementation or you have strict guidelines to follow, it’s important to map out your requirements ahead of time. Clearly state what is needed as far as visible trade-offs, the desired level of support, or the process of requesting proposals. Reconsider the decision-making process in order to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Leaseweb and other professionals across the globe are taking full advantage of open source platforms to share and improve their products. One of the key benefits is that it is truly an ecosystem of innovators. There is no longer a primary focus on competition, but rather a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to work with others in order to develop new resources and opportunities. Open source is a platform for innovation, providing endless opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

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