Finding My Way to the Land of Windmills

I recently moved from South Africa to join Leaseweb as a Scrum Master. As expected, this was a big step filled with many challenges and sometimes overwhelming uncertainty.

My journey started with the interview process. After two online interviews, I was invited for a face to face interview at the Leaseweb head office in the Netherlands. I experienced the company as honest and open. I immediately felt at home even though I hadn’t even received an offer.

When starting a new job in a new country, acceptance and belonging are important and this is the very much the experience I had with Leaseweb from the get go. As soon as the contract was signed, I was welcomed and taken care of every step of the way.

They gladly answered all my questions and were proactive in facilitating the relocation process. The best way I can describe it, is a feeling of “We’ve got your back”. Leaseweb’s focus was not simply on getting me on-board and productive as quickly as possible, they were concerned with my well-being. They made me feel like a person and not like a resource.

The financial implications of relocating are often a roadblock that is difficult to overcome. Even in this regard, the company ensured that all the administration and organization of moving to the Netherlands was taken care of on my behalf (thank you Relocaid). They also provided a relocation allowance to assist with the costs.

When I arrived in the Netherlands, Leaseweb ensured my comfort and minimized the impact of the move by putting me up in a nice hotel close to their offices. The first two days at the office were spent in orientation sessions to give context and a holistic view of the company, which was valuable in helping me to learn about the company and understand my role as quickly as possible. My department welcomed me with open arms and I felt like part of the team in next to no time.

I have been at Leaseweb for around 3 weeks at the time of writing, but it feels like I’ve been part of this team for months. It really is a warm and welcoming company, and a wonderful place to work.


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