All aboard the Leaseweb airplane! Destination: The Cloud

Cloud is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now. But how many hosting providers can literally take you into the clouds? This summer, we are creating aeronautical adventures with the Leaseweb Cloud 330 experience!

So what’s this all about? Well, Leaseweb has its own airplane, an Extra 330LT:

It’s powered by a Lycoming AEOI-580 engine, which boasts an impressive 315 horse power. This makes the Extra 330LT the fastest non-turbocharged aircraft with a single propeller! The aircraft can reach a top speed of almost 400 km/h (the equivalent of about 250 miles/h), and the structure is built to withstand up to 10G. These specs give pilots a maximum amount of flexibility and control, just like the Leaseweb Cloud.

There are more parallels between flying and our Cloud products. We constantly anticipate our next move, reacting to changes in our environment to reach our destination as fast as possible. And of course, the Leaseweb Cloud will take you across the world – we’ll soon expand our Cloud platform into new countries, keep an eye on the blog for announcements in the near future. Also, like our Cloud Platform, we added a few features to the airplane to give it our own flavor, such as outfitting it with various HD cameras (two in the cockpit, one on the wing).

Summer time is traditionally a slower season for the IT industry, with important decisions, such as choosing a hosting provider, put on hold until the decision makers return from their holidays. Seeing as how Con Zwinkels, our managing director, has been trained by Bert Huizenga, the most experienced aerobatics pilot in the Netherlands, we figured: why not give various Leaseweb customers and partners a summer to remember by taking them up into the air for a 30 minute flight composed of stunning aerobatics?

The feedback from customers that have already flown with us has been overwhelmingly positive. They often call it a “once in a lifetime experience” after being turned upside down by various loops and twists a 1000 feet above ground. Of course, we advise people to not eat and drink too much before the flight, for obvious reasons.

Do you want to see the Leaseweb airplane in action? Bert Huizenga will show you what it’s capable of during the Leaseweb Texel Airshow on Saturday the 28th of July!

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