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The doors have closed on Game Connection Europe 2011, where the gaming industry was out in full force to share ideas and visions on the latest developments in MMOs, console-based games and mobile. Since 2001 GameConnection has been the place to be for video games professionals. It gathers key players from the game industry twice a year, in Europe and in the US, to help them do business together, connect, share and socialize in a lively environment.

This year, GameConnection was held in Paris. It was set up very much like a speed dating event, with 30 minute slots to meet and discuss business with a variety of companies. Most of the meetings needed to be confirmed via an online tool prior to the event (though it was good to have a few open slots to set up meetings with people you met on the floor).

Hosting for online games isn’t actively talked about within the gaming industry and neither are there a lot of speakers that give their opinion on this matter. But we noticed that there is actually a thirst for knowledge about the various hosting possibilities, which meant our agendas were filled all day long. Of course we also shared some thoughts over one or two beers in the evening. Here are a few insights we learned:

  • The industry is going through lots of shifts, with most sessions talking about moving into the online/mobile space, or showcasing best practices from big players
  • While spreading intellectual property across different platforms, publishers are not just porting their games 1-on-1, but thinking of creative ways to make full use of new technologies. Point in case: Assassin’s Creed Recollection. It’s wildly different from the original series, built from the ground up for mobile touchscreen devices:
  • There is increasing movement in social and mobile games – gaming companies are changing their business models to fit in with trends towards location-based apps and social networking
  • Many MMO companies are moving towards a free to play model, where users can buy extras in-game. Although these are only micro-transactions, this could represent a major revenue stream

As companies grow, it’s vital that they are fully provisioned with a stable network environment and use the right technology and infrastructure to improve their customer’s gaming experience. Repeat interruptions during gaming experience can mean suicide for game release. We’ve expanded on these ideas in previous blog posts, designed to give you all the information you need on how to choose the right service for a game’s requirements. Check them out here:

  1. Reliable Hosting
  2. Worldwide Connectivity
  3. Fast Scalability
  4. Efficient Pricing

Let us know what you thought of this year’s event and what else you took away from it! Leave a comment or tweet us (@Leaseweb).

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