Interested in the Leaseweb job vacancies? The new OCOM recruitment website will help you out!

Here at Leaseweb we’re excited to see the business going from strength to strength. However, business growth means we ultimately need more people working for us, which means more Leaseweb job vacancies. To further our ongoing expansion the OCOM group which Leaseweb is part of, put together a new recruitment site that will not only outline our current job offerings, but is also a source of information for industry professionals on the company and our recruitment process.

Completion of the new site is just around the corner and we are eager to see what you think. The original decision was to have a small professional portal to list our current vacancies, but as business is doing so well – and with no sign of stopping – we quickly put into motion the development of an impressive and comprehensive site that would extend our outreach into the market.

One of the main motivations behind the creation of the careers site was also to better position information about the company to those interested in working at Leaseweb and its sister-companies. We also wanted to make our recruitment process more transparent thereby lowering the threshold to apply. The new site will contain a lot of information in addition to vacancy listings, it will highlight what Leaseweb is truly about – from information about the team to our core company values and work ethos.

We want our visitors to feel comfortable in making proactive and direct contact with us regarding any of our career opportunities. We have given the new recruitment site the tagline, ‘where you fit in’, which we feel describes the Leaseweb working environment perfectly. Our team is diverse in talent but also in personality making it a fantastic place in which to work, and we believe the careers site will reflect this.

The site is nearly ready to go live so do keep checking back. We look forward to your feedback and hearing from anyone who is interested in joining our busy, successful and enthusiastic team.


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