Leaseweb Provisioning: the backbone for reliable hosting

Leaseweb delivers a wide variety of hosting services, making sure they are set up according to the customer’s specifications. But did you ever wonder who actually takes care of getting the right servers deployed at the right spot and at the right time?

Once a request for servers has been processed, the order is handed over to the Leaseweb Provisioning department. This team of qualified engineers covers the full deployment chain, working day and night to get customers online as soon as possible.

Provisioning uses two methods of deployment. The first is an automated process, which allows Leaseweb to deploy high quality servers in only minutes. Next to the automated process we also have a team of professional engineers focusing on custom built deployments. This process starts at Provisioning Logistics, where all necessary hardware is kept in stock. After collecting and preparing  the correct hardware, the Provisioning Engineers install and configure the ordered servers. When ready, there is one very important step left: connecting the hardware to our network in the requested datacenter. Once that is done, everything is ready for the customer to reach out to his or her online audience.
Our Provisioning Engineers currently deploy about 700 dedicated servers per month, spread out over 7 datacenters in the Netherlands, the U.S. and Germany.  We have over 40.000 servers up and running so far, fully built and maintained according to the specifications of the customer.

Here’s an exclusive inside look into one of our datacenters, showcasing a Provisioning Engineer’s work in less than a minute:

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  1. Bart
    August 11, 2011 at 10:10

    Very nice peek into cabling methods. I would actually love a longer post and deeper insight into how do you do cabling in your racks. Could be used as a best-practice for a lot of people.

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