100 TB Servers Provide Great Value to High Volume Leaseweb Clients

Leaseweb Clients are always provided with new and advanced services to satisfy their specific hosting requirements. With one of the largest IP networks in Europe, Leaseweb has the connectivity to provide superior quality and the servers to meet the most demanding customer applications.

Very recently Leaseweb announced the availability of 100TB hosting services. Each 100TB package includes a first quality Dell or HP server with a number of configurations, provisioned with 100 Terabytes (TB) of bandwidth per month. Offered as a monthly package, and paired with a dedicated 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) port, Leaseweb 100TB service assures customers the highest connectivity currently available. 1 Gbps unmetered ports are an option, available with very aggressive pricing. With no setup fee, Leaseweb 100TB service provides superior value and quality. Substantial discount are available for long term commitments, including a 20% discount for one year contracts.

The needs of internet customers are trending towards bigger bandwidth and faster connectivity. With the increasing use of content rich and functional websites, and the current evolution to more utility-based and mobile infrastructure, high bandwidth and quality connectivity are vital for both new and our new and existing clients. Here at Leaseweb, we ensure we are at the cutting edge of technology and aim regularly meet the needs of demanding customers, providing our clients with the highest quality hosting solutions Leaseweb is renowned for. With cutting edge Cisco and Juniper core routers, Leaseweb’s skilled network architects are engaged in a continuous program to refine and advance the capabilities of the Leaseweb network.

Leaseweb maintains interconnections to all major internet exchanges in Europe. Customers have already found Leaseweb’s 100TB service is unique in terms of price-point, and network quality. Leaseweb’s 100 TB service has sharply reduced the cost of hosting and transferring large amounts of data and is the ideal service for extreme bandwidth users.

100 TB servers are available in several variants of Linux, BSD, as well as Windows at slight additional cost. Right now, Leaseweb is currently is offering a 50% discount on Windows Server licensing fees on new server orders, for the life of the server, as a result of a special Leaseweb/Microsoft promotion, extending through 15 June, making Leaseweb’s 100TB server packages an even better deal.

As the leader in the hosting industry since 1997, Leaseweb’s new 100TB servers provide unparalleled value and performance. Check out the new 100 TB packages here.

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