15 years of success – now looking forward to the next 15 years

Leaseweb is entering its 15th year of selling Windows based hosting in its Netherlands datacenters. In fact – the first 7 servers that Leaseweb hosted were Windows servers. Now, years later there are tens of thousands of servers in the Leaseweb facilities stretched across multiple datacenters throughout the world.

The success Leaseweb experienced happened with several hosting providers this past decade. The proliferation of web applications has caused a surge in the demand for datacenter space and services. Leaseweb is one of the providers that have been able to successfully predict this rapid groth in customer demand coupled with a commitment to serving clients with high quality service and support.

Moving forward – what will the next 15 years look like for us? The move to more content rich and functional websites will not be an issue for quality hosting providers like Leaseweb, but the move to more utility-based and mobile infrastructure will change datacenter economics. Today the price of hosting is very much dependent on the resources a customer signs up to use at the beginning of the contract. In the future the charges will be based on actual usage (down to hourly usage). Customers will have access to a highly scalable hosting infrastructure often spread among multiple POP’s for redundancy and global coverage.

Together, Leaseweb and Microsoft are investing in this space and in the months ahead customers will see new offers created to capture the needs of tomorrow’s hosting, based on Microsoft’s Dynamic Datacenter framework.

To celebrate our 15th year of partnership Leaseweb and Microsoft have agreed to offer our joint customers with a very special “one time’’ offer. The price for a virtual private server, with the following specifications: 1 Core, 1GB RAM, 60GB Storage and 1TB Traffic, will be 19 Euro per month (ex VAT) for every customer that signs up between now and the 15th of June.

Additionally, Leaseweb and Microsoft recognize customers with dedicated server needs, and the need of virtualizing their own estate. For all new customers signing up a dedicated server, in the period between now and 15th of June, a 50% discount applies on the windows server licensing fees.

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