A day at the Leaseweb studios

Videos are a great way to introduce potential customers to our products, our staff, our datacenter facilities and others. Introducing our company to the world through video closes the gap between our business and potential customers. All you have to do now is click the magic triangle and you’re there with us, as if you stopped by for a quick visit.

We’ve uploaded new informational videos about our products and services to our YouTube Channel. Lawton Cheney, Business Development Manager at Leaseweb is talking you through every single one of the videos. Please find a short interview with our newborn movie star about a hot day in the studio – and of course – don’t miss the making of and blooper clip;)

‘So Lawton, how did you enjoy the day?’

Lawton: ‘I was looking forward to it but a bit nervous as I had not done this kind of thing before Needless to say, it was impossible to memorize all the information so I got to use a teleprompt the way a newscaster would – even though I ended up improvising a lot!’

‘What do you think we will accomplish with the videos?

Lawton: ‘They will definitely help us get closer to our customers, and most importantly, our customers will save a lot of valuable time and effort by having the information at their finger tips. Now their answer is only one click away by watching a short video that will hopefully get them the information they need.’

They say pictures speak louder than a thousand words, what do you think?

Lawton: ‘Well in our case, one video might be saying more than 10 emails.. ;)’

‘What was the most fun thing about making these videos?’

Lawton: ‘When I got to slip in some of my own language. With all these different products and terms you get confused sometimes, especially when you have been in the studio for a few hours in front of a green screen. As I have worked closely with these products over a number of years it was great being able to explain them in depth, as the customer would like to hear about them. At the end of the day it all got a bit silly, with lots of laughter as we moved closer to the end knowing we had done a good day’s work!’

“A good day’s work indeed Lawton, great job!”

  1. Lon Cheney
    Lon Cheney
    February 17, 2011 at 0:35

    Amazing. Truly amazing. Are you reading this. The Ruud-Gary-Lawton trifecta = success

  2. e.vanderroer
    February 17, 2011 at 17:37

    Don’t forget to check out the bloopers! http://bit.ly/eWtNpX

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